The new President of Ukraine will live on very wide foot: new plane, heap of medals …

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In the budget-2010 put the plane for the new president, and the maintenance of the President in 2010 will cost to taxpayers twice dearer the maintenance of the Verkhovna Rada.

As the newspaper "BUSINESS" writes, financing of the Verkhovna Rada and the government next year will be cut down on a third. The estimate of parliament has to make 573 million UAH, and the maintenance of the secretariat of the government will cost to the budget 307 million UAH. Such data contain in the draft budget the next year.

Thus developers of the budget approached to the estimate of presidential office more loyally. Maintenance costs of the head of state and his services it is planned to reduce only by the fifth part - to 974 million UAH

It is worth reminding that when forming the budget-2008 all political forces criticized high expenses on activity of the president (1,2 billion UAH). This time critics it isn't audible, and it isn't excluded that it is connected with hopes of leaders of the largest political forces - Victor Yanukovych and Yulia Timoshenko - to hold presidency next year.

As found out "BUSINESS", the high sum of expenses on the president isn't least proved by that the State administration affairs planned for 2010 purchase of the new plane for service of the top officials of the state. According to the representative of committee of the Verkhovna Rada on the budget Vladimir Bondarenko, the corresponding inquiry in the State administration about updating of VIP-park of aircraft is considered in the draft budget. It is worth emphasizing that, for example, the cost of the new plane of An-148 can exceed 200 million UAH. At the same time Bondarenko notes that in the budget analysis for economy this purchase can be cancelled.

Growth of expenses on needs of presidential office, according to the deputy, can be connected and with increase in financing of medical institutions which are included into State administration structure affairs, serve deputies and high officials. The Acting Minister of Finance Igor Umansky also explained that in the budget the increase in expenses at utility payments, energy carriers that is connected with rise in price of tariffs is put.

Thus against universal reduction and economy expenses on production of the state awards it is planned to increase also.According to "BUSINESS", for distribution of awards and medals next year it is planned to spend six times more, than in present (11,5 million UAH against 2 million UAH). 10 million UAH are planned for "the organization and implementation of official actions with participation of the president" instead of 8,2 million UAH. Most likely, the difference will be spent for inauguration of the new head of state.

It should be noted different approaches to financing sanatorno - resort complexes the Verkhovna Rada and Public administration by affairs (DUS) at the president. Each of structures plans to spend for the sanatoria and boarding houses 70 million UAH. Thus parliamentary health resorts will be financed at the expense of own earned means (only 3,6 million UAH will be taken from treasury), and here the DUS improving complexes will almost completely be financed at the expense of taxpayers (66,6 million UAH are planned to allocate from the budget).


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