Yu.Granaturov: "What difference to what property will transfer "Ingul" - in city or in regional … But without city it won't turn out! "

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that the staff of plant of 61 Communards" agreed to transfer sanatorium "Ingul" to the possession of territorial bulks of area.

To clear a situation, we solved will address for comments to the first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Yury Granaturov who deals with these issues. We will remind, it was present on September 16 at a meeting when labor staff of plant of 61 Communard, the plant management, the city and regional authorities tried to find a common ground in a question of further destiny of sanatorium - a dispensary "Ingul".

As it seemed to us, Yu. Granaturov and didn't know that such decision was made. It and isn't surprising as until the end of meeting it "didn't stay". But why Yury Isayevich didn't take an interest at the member of the same party - the deputy of regional council A. Krinichny who the press according to the message - services облрады was until the end of meeting, than everything ended?
"Regional, city … What it matters? This object won't be so simple to be transferred as it is in pledge. To transfer this object to the possession to a regional bulk, he needs to be brought out of pledge. And for this purpose it is necessary to pay money. It will be long process, but the "political" component of this process is a consent of labor collective", Yury Granaturov declared.

He, also, noted: "Probably, people considered that the area is above the city … It is executive body of the government. But our task was to keep this object - not to allow it to be sold "at auction". Once again I speak, what difference - in city or in regional … But without city it won't turn out! Yes, if the regional budget is ready to assume financing, we only are glad and we will help and to promote them".

The first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor explained that Igor Ovdiyenko as it enjoys to this day big authority at plant influenced adoption of such decision.
"It enjoys much bigger authority, than any power.The power at people associates with salary nonpayment, with problems on production … And Ovdiyenko at them associates with that kind and happy time when the plant perfectly worked …", - Yu. Granaturov

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