Alexander Bondar: "On request of Yulia Vladimirovna the Uniform Center provides constructive remarks in the state budget 2010"

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The prime minister declared that doesn't approve not constructive criticism the draft of the state budget therefore the Uniform Center provides to Yulia Vladimirovna constructive remarks which are based on conclusions of experts. The position of party was sounded by the Head of the SecretariatMOOUniform Center Alexander Bondar.

Team of the Uniform Center, being established on the analysis of the draft of the state budget 2010, provides reasonable criticism this to the document, considering the main indicators which are put in it, reports ETs.

Income. Income in the state budget the UAH put at the level of 285 billion, figures of 2009 they have to exceed on 46 billion. It is probable that it will be heavy to be made for the country, the actual which indicators of the income for January - August make only 121 billion

Nearly 20% of growth of the income are established on forecasts of rapid growth of economy of Ukraine in 2010. In view of the fact that filling of the state budget of Ukraine in 2009 happens by constant increase in external financing, record internal loans through shadow schemes, taxation in advance, growth of the income of the budget in 2010 for 20% seems improbable.

Expenses and exchange rate. Expenses of the budget can grow significantly only through the put exchange rate (7,5 UAH for dollar) that by the majority of experts is estimated as unreal. Experts on - to a miscellaneous estimate possible fluctuations to hryvnia in 2010. The majority agrees that the put exchange rate at the level of 7,5 UAH for dollar is unreal. More probable would be to put a course to hryvnia in the budget the next year at the level of 8,5 for dollar. Even at such exchange rate, only additional expenses on service of external debtsHAK"Neftegaz" will grow by about 3 billion UAH

Budget deficit. It isn't difficult to draw conclusions only by comparison of figures. The planned deficiency of 2009 - 31 billion, real - 60 billion.The planned deficiency of 2010 - 47 billion, real - a matter of time, and retrospectively a gap not really encouraging.

GrowthGROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT. GrowthGROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCTalmost for 4% it is put according to government forecasts about fast increase of demand and the prices of the Ukrainian export production, effective works of the banking sector concerning crediting of economy and expansion of internal demand from basic sectors of economy, fast building of foreign investments. Such forecasts are too optimistical and can't be a professional basis for determination of growthGROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCTin 2010.

Inflation. In the draft budget the indicator 9,7 is put. And according to the experts in 2010 inflation at the level of 12% is expected.

It any more without saying to that the project is provided to allow the Cabinet in 2010 independentlyto correctthe amount of social payments, in particular in the direction of reduction if the plan of the budgetary income (St isn't implemented. 73). This situation contradicts laws and the Constitution of Ukraine.

And the last argument which specifies that the budget 2010 - a magic chest for election pledges it that in the budget-2010 the number of the cities which next year will receive grants is considerably increased. And the greatest grants will receive the cities which are in the east and the South of Ukraine where Yu. Tymoshenko has the smallest electoral support.


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