On celebration 20 - the anniversaries of Rukh to Nikolaev there arrived the Minister of Regional Development and constructions of Ukraine Vasily Kuybida. And the top officials of area ignored action (the photo report,

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Vasily Kuybida, which holds a post of the Minister of Regional Development and construction of Ukraine and at the same time is the vice-chairman of the People's Movement of Ukraine, at Nikolaev was present at all ceremonies of celebration of the organization. It is necessary to tell that this day in speeches both the minister, and members of the organization, grief notes sounded. Rukhovtsa realize that now have no power, and a lot of things from this about what spoke 20 years ago, it wasn't realized.

In the morning on September 19 to assign flowers to Shevchenko and Chernovol's monuments in honor of 20 - the anniversaries of the People's Movement of Ukraine came vice-the governorDmitry Oboronko, vice-the mayorRaisa Vdovichenko, the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev areaVladimir Uvarov, the head of National Rukh in the Nikolaev areaYury Didenkoand others.

And here the top officials of the city and area it is action ignored. The mayor Vladimir Chaika went to meet Yanukovych, and the governor Alexey Garkusha in general left area.

Vasily Kuybidatogether with all I assigned flowers to monuments, and then on Sovetskaya Street (crossing from Potemkinskaya) I was present at opening of the memorable plate. In the house on which this plate hangs now, the first rukhovets gathered 20 years ago to create the regional organization in Nikolaev.

- 20 years ago behind these windows, - the first the Rukh head in NikolaevIgor GrasevichI pointed to three windows on the second floor of the building, - we didn't think that we do something historical. We simply did that considered it necessary.

Despite the holiday,Valery Boychenko, which the first in Nikolaev said the word "Rukh" on meeting before the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, spoke not about a holiday. In his speech the bitterness, disappointment and offense sounded.

- When all this began, - he told, - all this was so sincere, so strongly we trusted in the future … We believed that Ukraine will be the great clever cultural European state. Unfortunately, not during the holiday it is necessary to tell it. But I think that we wouldn't note, it is necessary to speak on business. Unfortunately, went not there. All know it, all understand. And the reasons are known to us. Unfortunately, the people still didn't realize them. Therefore I would like to wish to our fellow countrymen to realize at last on number N-to year of our independence of the reason of why went so, instead of towards the Ukrainian national state of the European level. And it was to create such state, despite everything, as always in the history of Ukraine.

Guest of honor, ministerKuybidaI told that affairs at us are bad just because rukhovets not at the power.

- As soon as I came to the power, - he told, - I started introducing at once the rukhovsky program. But consequences which it is had, are explained by that rukhovets and not those people who deeply feel bases as statehood, and a nationality came to the power not. They didn't understand that it is necessary to do and as. We took a serious step to democracy promotion four years ago. But, without having carried out serious economic reforms, we risk to stake both democracy, and statehood. We are obliged to execute that proclaimed Rukh 20 years ago - to carry out reforms and to approve democracy.


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