"Tymoshenko doesn't see the Nikolaev shipbuilders among priorities of the government", - V. Yanukovych

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On Saturday Nikolaev visited the party leader of regions V. Yanukovych. During visit of GP "Shipbuilding Plant of a Name of 61 Communards" in Nikolaev Victor Yanukovych examined the Ukraine guided missile cruiser.

Communicating after that with representatives of the central and regional mass media, it gave an assessment to a present condition of domestic ship-building branch, told about the vision of prospects of its recovery from the crisis.

- First of all, it is necessary to fill with sense, to fill with the concrete contents that program which already is. It was developed also by us, and the present government, as far as we know, provided its performance till 2015.

The main thing now, I emphasize, - to fill it with sense. That is, today the shipbuilding enterprises, considering a long production cycle, need, first of all, in the long-term credits is the first.

To each shipbuilding plant it is necessary, naturally, an individual approach, and on each plant it is necessary to look separately that it is necessary to do.

Now as for this plant (GP "Shipbuilding Plant of a Name of 61 Communards" - the Edition), being today 100%-й state ownership. Now we are on border of plant operating, that is perspective, and on that river bank there is that today already actually it is impossible to recover.

How to use it? Certainly, it needs to be used without fail as and to privatize repair base and as the repair base needs to be offered it for sale.

The main reason of why the shipbuilding stopped, the decision of the government of Tymoshenko not to include Nikolaev in the budget of 2009 as a special economic zone served. As a result practical implementation of investment programs was broken that led, actually, to a stop of all ship-building complex of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the state program exists, and it can be carried out. The state order, what has to be, on production of 5 vessels for Armed forces is ready to execute today plant of a name of 61 Communards.But as one of "brakes" which here is today is a so-called order No. 1148 which isn't carried out and which already is a subject of the international disputes.

We planned to lift this order, and financed it both in 2004, and in 2007 … But today, naturally, the state is obliged to execute this contract, to complete this ship and to sell. In this case the building berth is released, the technological line which will allow plant to live further is freed.

In the near future we see this plant as the enterprise which will have opportunity to carry out not only military or state orders, but also to work as the commercial enterprise. Keeping, certainly, thus a necessary mode that it was possible to provide orders traditional for plant.

Victor Yanukovych is convinced that the shipbuilding of Ukraine still can be rescued, "Still there is such opportunity, - he declared. - But at such approach which the state has today, there was not enough time before to finish this branch.

We shouldn't allow it. We are obliged to keep this unique is national - an economic complex. Unique both historically, and, certainly, in the economic. After all once Ukraine made more than 70% of vessels of all classes for all Soviet Union. In the world market our share was 5% of ship-building production. It was our pride. It, certainly, needs to be revived everything.

Nikolaev, Kherson - traditional regions where centuries the whole dynasties of shipbuilders worked. Their traditions and until now live in this region. We shouldn't forget about it, and I think that we are simply obliged to keep and develop further such plants, as yours, ship-building branch as a whole, always being the most important component of the Ukrainian economy.


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