Nikolaev "vitrenkovets" will explain why PSPU became opposition "left"

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On Thursday, September 24, the presentation of the independent public centerwill take place at 11.00"Nikolaev choice-2010", which the press - club of reforms throughout election presidential campaign will work at base Nikolaev. Mission a press - the center - assistance of transparency of the presidential election, fuller and more objective informing - through mass media - the Nikolaev voters about a course of electoral process. The press - the center will provide a free tribune to all key participants of presidential election.

The first in a press - the center heads of a local cell of Progressive socialist party of Ukraineare invitedLarisa SheslerandDmitry Nikonov. They will express a positionPSPUconcerning association of the left forces which took place on September 14, and will explain, whyPSPU, contrary to expectations, I didn't join toTo the block of the left forces, reports the Nikolaev press - club of reforms.

We will remind that the presidium of the central committee of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU) decided not to recommend to the chairman of the party Natalia Vitrenko to sign documents concerning entry into an electoral bloc of the left forces.

As reports a press - service PSPU, having analysed contents of projects"Declarations" and "Agreements"about block creation, the presidium of the Central Committee of PSPU noted that KPU, SPU, SDPU (o), SLS and Spravedlivost party refused to include in "Declaration" of the proposal of progressive socialists.

So, in particular, offers concerning entry of Ukraine into the Common economic space with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and creations of the interstate union with Russia and Belarus weren't considered; recognitions of that Ukraine already has the unconditional status of the extra block state; protection of initial Orthodoxy;giving to Russian of the status of the second state; termless stay of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol and to the Crimea, is transferred "By league - news".

In PSPU note that parties among which KPU, SPU, SDPU (o), SLS and "Justice" "in fact, refused an exit of Ukraine from the IMF and the WTO that is a necessary condition for disposal of Ukraine from the Latin American model of peripheral capitalism; refused introduction of a ban on trade in the earth".

Besides, declared in PSPU, the specified parties in the coordinated documents refused carrying out the ripened constitutional reforms, in which center transition to the federal device of Ukraine, sovereignty of councils, the rights of labor collectives. "At the same time, in "Declaration" the course on eurointegration "is actually put by active, initiative participation of Ukraine in realization of idea of creation of new architecture of the all-European system of collective security". The presidium of the Central Committee of PSPU comes to a conclusion that the westernized bloc of parties, being covered with the left idea" is created, - declared in party.

"The presidium of the Central Committee of PSPU comes to a conclusion that the westernized bloc of parties, being covered with the left idea" is created, - specified in PSPU.


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