G. The Russian considers necessary legislatively to forbid in Ukraine the Hizb Ut — Tahrir organization, - "The Businessman - Ukraine"

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The deputy minister of internal affairs, the chief of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Crimea Gennady Moskal declared yesterday need legislatively to forbid the Hizb Ut — Tahrir organization in Ukraine. As the Businessman - Ukraine" reports ", for this purpose G. Moskal started preparing the relevant bill. In "Hizb ut - Tahrir" consider that the bases for a ban of their activity aren't present, and declare, what even in case of acceptance by the Verkhovna Rada of such law their activity in the territory of Ukraine won't stop.

G. The Russian addressed to the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Handogy with a request to collect the documents testifying to a ban of the Hizb Ut — Tahrir organization in the territory of other countries. "In Ukraine the problem of neutralization of negative activity of the Hizb Ut — Tahrir organization is particularly acute at present - Sunni is religious - the political group which purpose is assistance to return of Muslims to an Islamic way of life, distribution of Islamic belief in the world by jihad", - is spoken in the statement of the chief of the Crimean militia.

Special alarm, according to G. Moskalya, activization of this organization in the territory of the Crimea causes that "can become the reason of destabilization of the international relations in the south of Ukraine".

Need of a ban supports "Parties of Islamic release" also the leader of Majlis крымско - the Tatar people, the People's Deputy from "Our Ukraine - National self-defense" Moustapha Dzhemilev. In conversation with the edition it noted that "there was time when "Hizb ut - Tahrir" calmed down, and recently in the Crimea bloodsheds" started happening.

In most "Hizb ut - Tahrir" consider that for a ban of their activity on territories of Ukraine there are no bases, and declare that work within the law.


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