On the basis of the Nikolaev university of a name of Sukhomlinsky the regional gender resource center

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The gender inequality in Ukraine prospers, and it is necessary to fight against it. About it I there was a speech on September 23 in NSU of a name of Sukhomlinsky at interuniversity conference. Subject of conference to which were invited on 30 people from the Nikolaev HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, - "Gender equality in aspect of world globalization processes".

Gender inequality - such creation of society at which different social groups - in this context - women and men - have the settled divergences and unequal opportunities in all spheres of public life.

(Olga Lyubarskaya. To equality through gender education. - Nikolaev, 2009)

Problems of gender equality treat not only such, as a low wage at women in comparison with men (statistically, it is less on the two third), low positions of women in comparison with men etc., but also and that men live in Ukraine about 10-12 years less, than women.

As designated during conference the head of department of work and a social security of the regional state administrationRuslan Sausage, in Ukraine the legislation proclaiming gender equality, has exclusively declarative character. And public organizations have no influence on a gender situation in the country.

- Fixing of gender issues didn't help with the legislation, - toldRuslan Sausage. - Men force out women from highly paid positions. Problem there are prostitution and trafficking in women questions, and also a problem of sexual encroachments which became norm in the relations between the man - the chief and the woman - the subordinate. Besides, according to the informal data, every fifth woman is the victim of domestic violence. Thus law enforcement agencies choose tactics of non-interference to family quarrels. And traditional stereotypes limit possibility of the woman to get a job. All this brings to defeminization.

AlsoRuslan SausageI emphasized that in Ukraine, and in the Nikolaev area in particular, in authorities of the lowest rank (the Village Councils, regional administrations) it is more than women, than in instances of higher.At the same time I remembered and women who now have the social status and a position much above, than many men.

- The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine - the woman, the head of the Secretariat of the President - the woman, the head of National Security council - the woman, the head of the Nikolaev regional council - too the woman, - I toldRuslan Sausage.

Deputy governorVladimir LustaI emphasized as far as Ukraine lagged behind other countries which raised for a long time questions of gender equality on control.

- We were outstripped by Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Moldova, - he told.

Nevertheless, vice-the governor noted that in the Nikolaev area on a problem of gender equality becomes much. However, to it not always pay attention.

- When we hear expression "gender equality", at once we think of the equal rights of women in comparison with men, - toldVladimir Lusta. - But actually it is a question of the equal rights of women and men. So, one of the biggest gender problems in Ukraine is low life expectancy of men in comparison with women.

Adviser to the governor for gender issues and teacher of universityOlga LyubarskayaI compared experience of Swedes to the Ukrainian realities.

- Swedes went to gender equality since 1921, - she told. - As result, they have an average life expectancy of the woman - 70 years, and at us - 63. Average life expectancy of the man - the Swede - 76 years. They at each enterprise at which more than 25 people work, have an employee who deals with gender problems. To us gave an example of the Swedish company "Simens". And so, when to them the young specialist comes, he receives 30 thousand euros a year. But that to train it, the company spends 10-15 thousand more euros. It turns out, for one employee of the company spends 45 thousand euros a year. And if it is the employee marries and will leave the company or will move? Therefore much attention there is paid to gender issues. For example, the woman goes to the decree for two months. When this term passes, the decree can give to the man for ten months. The man earns more woman. Thus, the family is protected: the man doesn't lose the income, and the enterprise constantly watches that the woman was at work.Our woman stays at home to watch the child on three - five years. When this term comes to an end, it already for society - anybody.

The regional gender center which decided to create at NSU of a name of Sukhomlinsky, will provide the following services:

- library, film library on a gender perspective;

- it is information - methodical support of projects and actions for a gender perspective;

- consultations on a gender perspective.

Services the center will be free.

During Ruslan Kolbasy's performance some students copied someone else's abstracts


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