The seagull will go on leave but only after "will pressurize" musorozavod

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MayorVladimir ChaikaI was going to go for 14 days on leave after session which will take place on October 1-2. But only after the main issues will be resolved. At session the most important municipal and land issues, and also a question of waste recycling plant will be resolved.

- I can't reconcile to that throughout three sessions we can't make the decision on waste recycling plant. As wrote news editions, probably the deputy - "regional" was frightened of "byutovets" and removed this question("Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote - "possibly, directors of the department of housing and communal services, the deputy of the City Council from Party of RegionsVladimir Novozhilovthe position on the BYuT fraction matter in Nikolaevsk city council frightened. As it was succeeded to learn"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT",deputies from BYuT against construction of waste burning plant within the city. It is possible for this reason the question and wasn't submitted for session"). Perhaps also I was frightened. Perhaps it was worth pressing more strongly.

The mayor also reported that doesn't understand a position of the governor against such construction allegedly in the downtown.Vladimir ChaikaI reported that it is a question not of the downtown and it will be very difficult to pull communications from the village for plant.

- Let's them start passing the commissions. After all examinations will take place at the state level, will last very long, and therefore only then the final decision on its arrangement, safety and so forth will be made. I am called by investors and speak: "G - N Vladimir, you fool us the third year! ". And I don't want them to release. Because at them on this plant money is reserved. And I don't want that investors left. Because it will clear the city, will give for reasonable prices heat and the electric power to the city.


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