Yanukovych's businessmen rebelled against his idea "fix"?

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In Party of Regions there was a conflict from - that businessmen - regionals opposes increase соцстандартов.

About it writes Business, referring to sources in parliament.

According to them, many members of the same party went for confrontation with the author of the bill of increase of standards Mikhail Papiyev - industrialists.

"I heard how Vyacheslav Boguslayev (the regional, the owner "the Motor of Sichi") and others directly in a conference hall flew on Papiyev with a claim that he the law will strangle them business", - one of "regionals" told.

Boguslayev doesn't hide that business - a wing of the party discontentedly populist initiatives of colleagues.

"Yes, we really talked to Mikhail Papiyev on high-pitch tones because he never charged to people a salary and doesn't know that this such", - Boguslayev explained a conflict essence.

As the newspaper knew to prevent public scandal in the fraction and to support Victor Yanukovych before elections, regionals decided not to refuse idea of increase of social benefits.

They agreed to support the alternative bill which author there was Blok's representative Lytvyna Oleg Zarubinsky.

Zarubinsky's proposal seemed to businessmen from Party of Regions to more compromise. As a result on one of the last meetings of regionaly fraction postponed the bill of the colleague and agreed to vote for proposals of the colleague from Blok of Litvin.

At the same time, the Federation of employers of Ukraine, headed by the regional Yury Boyko, appealed to the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko to interfere with increase of a minimum wage.

"The federation understands need of increase of compensation, however process of increase would be perceived as natural on condition of balance of economic and regulatory policy", - spoken in the address.

The director general of Federation of employers Vasily Nadraga noted that the authorities yet didn't respond to the appeal of the organization.

At the same time he refused to make comments on a collision when the Federation which actually controls Quickly, opposes an initiative which is defended in parliament by the leader of his political force Victor Yanukovych.


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