"Nikolaev – not a cesspool", - the people's deputy Ilyyuk demands from Senkevich to cancel the order about reception of the Lviv garbage

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine Artem Ilyyuk demands from the mayor of Nikolaev to cancel the order about reception Lviv garbage and also to convene about it the extraordinary session of city council.

About it the People's Deputy Artem Ilyyuk has written on the page on social network Facebook.

«After I have read information that the mayor of Nikolaev has secretly signed the order to accept the Lviv garbage on our ground, many didn't want to trust in it and waited for a position of the mayor which I have urged him to sound publicly. And Alexander Senkevich admitted that the order is really individually signed without opinion of citizens. Therefore I as the People's Deputy of Ukraine, representing the interests of residents of Nikolaev, I demand from the mayor: The first–to cancel the order about reception Lviv garbage, as it which threatens with destruction of roads and poses ecological threat for Nikolaev. The second–to convene the extraordinary session of city council where deputies will be able to inform of a position of people whom they represent» , - Ilyyuk has written. 

According to him, Senkevich not scrupulously treats performance of the duties.

«I want that the mayor and all officials have heard a position of a bulk, people who have employed you. Possibly, the mayor considers that citizens have a short memory, and news lives in our bystry information world three days. Therefore not scrupulously treats performance of the duties. And then on the City Day from the main scene as a congratulation to citizens mats flow. The mayor doesn't consider it necessary to apologize to residents of Nikolayev. He waits that will just forget about it. And probably continues to listen to the careless advisers who don't tell him the truth» , - Ilyyuk has written. 

At the same time he urges residents of Nikolayev to show the position, both through personal addresses, and through peaceful actions.

«And the truth is that Nikolaev–not cesspool. I urge citizens not to stand aside actively to show the position: from personal addresses to the mayor–before peaceful protest actions. The garbage lawlessness in Nikolaev isn't admissible!» , - Ilyyuk has written.

Earlier it was reported that on September 10, on the City Day the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich I have signed the order, according to which on the landfill near Nikolaev will bring household waste from Lviv. The mayor called it a temporary measure. On September 12 on the Nikolaev ground already have begun to accept the Lviv garbage

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