Litter from a log hut of the Nikolaev it is repair - mechanical plant: the director says lies, workers without salary, but all will end "хэппи this"

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The crisis situation on state enterprise "The Nikolaev It Is Repair — Mechanical Plant" was added also with the interpersonal conflict between the directorVladimir Taranand chairman of trade-union committeeMiroslav Kobrin.

On taken place today, on September 24, meeting of the city commission on timely payment of a salary, business between "two companions" in a fight didn't end, however "litter from a log hut" both representatives of the enterprise took out much.

The first before the director of the department of work and a social securitySergey Bondarenkothe g - NreportedRam. Though now affairs on the enterprises are not in the best way, the director very optimistically told about how is going to bring plant out of crisis.

- Production which we make, independently we have no to realize the right. Therefore now the plant stands idle. But thus people are partially involved with payment. We kept a salary. I initiated the appeal of labor collective to the Prime minister - to the minister and the Minister of Defence to receive a state order. We got supportAleksandra Kuzmuka(нардеп from Party of Regions -авт. ). Soon in Cabinet of Ministers the question of allocation of 40 million hryvnias on the first state order this year to our plant will be considered. Besides, we have a debt to "Ukrspetseksport" - 290 thousand dollars. I met the management of this enterprise. There three persons in one office sit: one for Yanukovych, one for Yushchenko, one for Tymoshenko. Here they sit and with each other don't talk week. Such situation in Kiev.

Vladimir TaranI promised that already in the fourth quarter work of the enterprise will be adjusted.

- Since October we will start paying off on a salary, - the plant manager told. - As for the Pension fund and tax, we signed the contract on restructuring with them.

Thus the plant manager recognized that process of dismissal of employees "a little bit goes".

- But those whom we can provide, we for work "pull out" and even we give awards, - he told.

On a question of the employee of National service of mediation and reconciliationOksana Evchenko, whether truth thatin a warehouse at the enterprise lies production on 17 million hryvnias, the director answered that, validly, the contract on 17 million hryvnias is signed. However if to count the cost of available production without the contract, the sum will reach 60 million hryvnias.

- We connected military prosecutor's office that checked is repair - mechanical plant, - told in support ofVladimir TaranSergey Bondarenko.

- They forced us month, - answered itVladimir Taran.

After that the chairman of trade-union committee of planttook the floorMiroslav Kobrin. And here began. The speech of - onKobrinaI was very emotional.

- I have a conflict to the director from - for unpaid to a salary and repayments of the credit which was taken under salary payment, - at once dumbfoundedMiroslav Kobrin. - 14 months at plant aren't present normal work, 8 months aren't paid a salary. Besides, the salary decreased twice. I don't understand how the commission can't understand, what everything, what the director - a lie spoke here? ! - the director looked at this time in a floor and smiled. - I will give an example. In Ukraine the same plant, as well as in Nikolaev, is in Kharkov, Kiev, Zhitomir and Lviv. And so the Kiev and Zhitomir plants let out now our production. You take acts of checks of CREWE for 2007 and 2008. You will be terrified! It (the Ram -авт. ) everything hides! When I began the conflict to the director, it developed against me at plant the whole war: collects signatures, all "presses". It works with all device against me one. He says that I want to clean him from a position therefore I complain.

Miroslav KobrinI told that wrote a set of complaints onVladimir Taran, including the Prime minister - to the minister of Ukraine.

- After I began to dispatch complaints, me called on concern meeting. While I was on the commission, it issued the decree that I shirked the working day. It and your deputies brings to the protection. Kobrin should be strangled! To hang up! To shoot! Each my movement watch!

Vladimir Taran, laughing over the colleague, in turn, I told how that doesn't fulfill the duties and that the last meeting of trade-union committee was five years ago (video).

Director of the department of work and social securitySergey Bondarenko- on Kobrin I didn't give value to words of. There was a feeling, as treated it as to the local madman to whom you shouldn't pay attention.

He didn't offer the help in a resolution of conflict, told nothing and that it would be possible to create the special commission which would check plant.

It is natural that words of the plant managerVladimir Taranabout bright future it is much more pleasant, than it is so much negative from outsideMiroslava Kobrina. Nevertheless, unless the power can be guided by criteria "it is pleasant - it isn't pleasant"? There is a problem which is lifted at commission meeting. It is logical that officials have to interfere and learn, whether really affairs are exactly as in a rush of emotions Kobrin described, or is until the end of the year repair - the mechanical plant has chances to get rid of the problems as promisesRam.

InsteadMiroslav KobrinI remained without answer to the complaint. And here that doesn't fulfill the duties as the trade-union committee head, it scolded.

P. S. : As of 1.09.09 debt Nikolaev it is repair - mechanical заворда on a salary I made 2 984 400 hryvnias, and before the Pension fund - 896 900 hryvnias.


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