The Nikolaev producer of furniture "Ukrainian society of deafs" doesn't cope with the plan - debts grow

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Today the total debt Nikolaev uchebno - manufacturing enterprise of the Ukrainian society of deafs makes 133 thousand hryvnias.

Payment of debt on a salary while remains to workers a problem question. About it I there was a speech at meeting of the city commission on timely payment of a salary in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

The management hopes for 27 200 hryvnias which the state has to compensate as the VAT. In September plans 50 thousand "to let for salaries".

The reason of emergence of debt was that the enterprise doesn't cope with the plan. If in June and July the producer of furniture managed to earn 120 thousand hryvnias, this month - only 50 thousand.

The enterprise experiences recession of orders. The management speaks for a long time about the possible order for kindergarten to Genichesk (The Kherson area) about what allegedly there is an arrangement with the local mayor.

On a question of the director of the department of work and a social securitySergey Bondarenko, than the local government can help, the representative uchebno - manufacturing enterprise of the Ukrainian society of deafs told:

- Help us with orders.

- Participate in tenders, - I answeredSergey Bondarenko.


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