It is necessary to work, instead of to sign documents with not clear legal status – consider in BYuT

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PR fraction in Nikolaevsk city council distributed the text of the draft of the Memorandum of majority creation in Nikolaevsk city council in which BYuT fraction was called "contracting party". In this regard, we consider necessary, to publish our position on the matter.

In the actions the deputy of the City Council is obliged to be guided by Laws of Ukraine "About the status of deputies of local councils", "About local government", Regulations of city council and that is important, norms of morals, interests of a city community.

Two years of activity in Nikolaevsk the City Council BYuT fraction, being in minority, I achieved clear and vital decisions for a city community:

to provide allocation of the land plots on a competitive basis or through auctions;

to impose the moratorium on sale of municipal property;

to install system of electronic (inundated) vote;

to provide transparent, reasonable formation of tariffs clear to citizens in the sphere of housing and communal services.

To our regret, the majority of deputies of city council decided that just now, after memorandum signing they at last - that

"will direct the activity:

• on development of system of local government, as democracy bases;
• on ensuring high professionalism of city executive power;
• on preservation of social stability and a civil consent on the basis of equality and mutual respect of representatives of all political forces of a city community;
• on providing economic and social region development with active support of an enterprise initiative;
• on implementation of city programs which will allow to provide to members of a city community high-quality diagnostics and medical care, quality education, general availability and a variety of cultural actions, science and art development"

We can welcome only such desire of deputies of the majority of fractions in Nikolaevsk city council, but at the same time, we consider as the duty, to remind that signing of memorandums and versatile persons at nation-wide level showed their senselessness and frailty.

We are sure that conscientious performance of Laws of Ukraine, the Regulations of city council, the deputy duties does excessive the signing, any documents with not clear legal status.

Head of BYuTfraction

in Nikolaevsk city council Mudrak O. I.


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