Head coach of IFC "Nikolaev": It is shock for all our team!

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Short conversation with the former head coach of IFC "Nikolaev" Vyacheslav Mazarati took place in an unusual situation - as if at the station.

Football players continually came into the trainer's room to tell Vyacheslav Grigoryevich words of gratitude for collaboration and at parting on - мужски strong to embrace. I glanced with "begunok" and the massage therapist Pyotr Golubotsky. And on a sofa, tables, chairs the packed personal belongings of trainers with which they were going to leave limits of football base lay.

But how it was bitter, nevertheless it is necessary, let and not in such volume as in last years, to sum up the sports results of the championship which already became property of history.

- Vyacheslav Grigoryevich if to proceed from standings, turns out that in IFC "Nikolaev" the players of the defensive plan best in the first league and, on the contrary, the weakest players of attack were brought together. Otherwise how to explain quantity of the hammered and passed balls?

- First of all as of paramount importance we regarded defensive actions of all team in which forwards participated also. Probably, during the preparatory period even made distortions in this plan and not enough attention paid to attack. But after all game ahead in many respects is based on individual skill, and such players capable independently to decide destiny of a match, at us wasn't.

In the first circle the majority of the heads hammered after standards. In the second half of the championship rivals well studied us and in these situations knew how to play.

- And still, whether the command to act better could? To take, say, the sixth or seventh place?

- We shouldn't have lost the house of "Volhynia" and to "Igroservice". It wasn't lucky us and in Chernigov. In these meetings lost real points that affected a final place. Well and that we wasn't successful in an ending of competitions, probably, the situation which has developed around substantially is guilty. After all and players were reached by hearings that the team can stop existence, and it, you see, didn't add mood.

- Give, please, an assessment to actions of certain football players.

- Perfectly the goalkeeper Gaydarzhi played. Sasha considerably added, worked exactly, surely, without mistakes.First of all I explain it to that near it there was other Alexander - Lavrentsov, and joint trainings with such master did good.

From beginners Ryabchenko and if he remains in professional soccer well proved, still will fine add. Reliably, as well as it befits, Oksimets, at the level - Orlaty and Smishko played. Very much I pleased Boychenko.

As for claims, first of all they need to be addressed to extreme halfbacks. Players of this role have to be more active, mobile. Concerning forwards. The ram, probably, splashed out everything that was able, in the first circle. The rustle began not bad, but was traumatized. For Fomenko - the forward of destructive type, but without the aid of the same extreme halfbacks to it it was difficult.

- For certain there were plans of preparation for a new season in the first league …

- Planned to begin work on July 6. Contracts at Orlaty, Oksimts, Vasin and Fomenko ended. Oksimets, for example, expressed desire to finish active performances. Orlaty intends to try the hand in the highest league, Fomenko too has plans to replace team. And we were going to offer Vasin the new contract. As for selection, were going to place emphasis on attack: to find forwards and halfbacks of the attacking, creative plan. Also conducted negotiations with pupils of the Nikolaev soccer. Many players were offered, as usual, by selectors of various level. But intended, I will repeat, to strengthen attacking line of team. After all with defense at our collective all in norm, less us was passed by "Ilyichevets" who has only come back to the highest league.

- What reaction of football players to the latest events?

- In total shocked. Many connected the further game career with our team. I understand that if such decision was a consequence of bad game … Yes, we had an array of problems. But we after all not for a survival fought, and were closer to standings top. Offensively. In the winter consciously went for team rejuvenation, probably, even its easing. After all to tell that Ryabchenko or the Rustle at once strengthened game, I can't. But they are pupils of the Nikolaev soccer, and we waited that to acquisition of experience will play. Ryabchenko by the circle end already fine added.

We tried before as far as it is possible, to protect them from all hearings and conversations. But terms of probable crash were established both in the fall, and in the winter. And other factors were negatively reflected in fighting capacity of collective.And still all of us hoped for the best …

- At once so many football players appeared out of work. How you consider, there will be on them a demand?

- Children already started being engaged in the employment. It is sure that many players will continue career in good teams. And some even will join ranks of clubs of premieres - leagues.

- Whether were at this line-up, so ruthlessly sent to a non-existence, prospects?

- Undoubtedly. In my opinion, it is cardinal anything it wouldn't be necessary to change. Contracts came to an end, again I will repeat, only at four players. And even in that case the team could move forward on higher advanced positions in the first league.

- Well and what city of Nikolaev? Really we any more will have no professional team?

- I am an optimist. I think that in our city there are people who love soccer, worry about it and which have financial means for team revival. And at better level.

- What personally you, Vyacheslav Grigoryevich, see continuation of the career of the football coach?

- I have neither hats, nor a shoulder strap on shoulders. Therefore with pleasure I will return to train children. Or I will consider already available offers from the amatorskikh of teams. But first of all it is necessary to rethink everything, to cool down, receive a charge of positive energy after a difficult season and such sad finish. Very not easy was to keep team in a form and to demand from them the maximum result. I worked in team two years the second trainer and a little more than a year - the head coach. Officially since July 1 I am free.


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