Lutsenko ordered any new cold "Viewfinder" нон - stop

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Soon on roads of Ukraine there will be an advanced measuring instrument of speed "Viewfinder" which will work only in an autonomous mode.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko reported today about it on a press - conferences in Kharkov.

"We order advanced "Viewfinder" which will work only in an autonomous mode. Cold video camera, despite of the one who at a wheel, will fix violation. Moreover, without stopping the driver who will precisely offer a bribe", - Yu. Lutsenko told.

The Minister of Internal Affairs disproved reproaches in bias of operation of the Viewfinder device.

"We have confirmations from Gosstandart that "Viewfinder" both in autonomous, and in a nonautonomous mode gives exact data", - he told.

Yu. Lutsenko scarified desire of some "strong the world of it" to avoid responsibility for violations on roads.

"It is attempt strong the world of it to avoid the responsibility. If after "Viewfinder" it is necessary to stop still the driver is a direct way to corruption", - Yu. Lutsenko told.

In confirmation of overall performance of the Viewfinder device and increase in penalties for violation of the rules of traffic of Yu. Lutsenko told that from the moment of introduction of new penalties "is 2 thousand 112 less than the killed on roads".


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