If. Theological becomes the President, the National Bank will print money to provide with orders shipbuilding plants?

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During the stay in Nikolaev, the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the leader of political party of "Veche" Inna Bogoslovskaya shared the ideas how it is necessary to rescue domestic shipbuilding.

She declared that there is only one way of rescue of shipbuilding plants - the state orders.

"We have today outflow of experts of the ship-building grew. They work abroad. If there are state orders, they will return home. After all they have here families", - I. Bogoslovskaya declared.

But where to take money for these state orders.

By words I. Theological, for state orders in all countries print money national bank.

"If this money is invested in production which has a big cycle, they don't cause inflation", - I. Bogoslovskaya declared.

According to her, if she becomes the President of Ukraine, it will be able to find the competent Minister of Finance who will be able to make everything correctly.


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