Kislinsky answered the Russian that it doesn't hold the diploma

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The vice-chairman of Security service of Ukraine Andrey Kislinsky welcomes carrying out check of legality of the stay in public service according to the address of the People's Deputy, the deputy minister of internal affairs Gennady Moskal.

About it there is a speech in A. Kislinsky's statement concerning charges from G. Moskalya about existence at the civil servant of "the counterfeit diploma".

"Next "exposures" of mister Moskal again testified, mix of feeling of absolute impunity of the deputy mandate can bring the person to what state with desire at any cost to please the political leaders... ", - it is spoken in the statement.

On A. Kislinsky's belief, "for the sake of preservation for itself(himself) the rights to sound opinion of the minister and to instruct regional generals how to forge this or that business, he is ready to close eyes to true motivation of the employers, to use this system, throwing into a political fire chamber of destiny of employees of militia - from the local police inspector to the general".

According to the vice-chairman of SBU, "I never held positions, and I won't do it now". "To be useful to the state, chairs as to mister Moskal who breaks the law, combining a position with the mandate of the People's Deputy aren't necessary to me. But to report for the work and the biography I will be not to mister Moskal, and the employer - the state, in the person of the persons defined by the law. And therefore I will welcome rechecks including public prosecutor's, in case of receipt of the address promised by mister Moskal", - A. Kislinsky declared.


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