In Nikolaev discussed Yushchenko's Constitution: new opportunities for the power or political populism for the people?

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Yesterday, on September 28, the round table "Actual problems of the Constitutional reform in Ukraine", organized by Club of voters of Ukraine took place. As the moderator the head of board of Committee of voters of Ukraine Alexander Chernenko (Kiev) acted.

As Alexander Chernenko reported, carrying out 40 such round tables in the regional and large cities is planned.

- Not a secret that the present constitution and the amendments adopted in 2004 to it don't satisfy anybody, - Alexander Chernenko reported. - From - for it also there are reasons of permanent political crisis. KIU didn't leave process of formation of the constitutional reform, but discussions represented "mezhduusobchik" more often and were uninteresting to journalists, especially, to politicians.

On a round table the draft constitution of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, presented to all participants of a table the head of the secretariat of the Nikolaev regional organization "Our Ukraine" was submitted. Other projects weren't considered. Nevertheless, as Alexander Chernenko explained, all options offered on discussion will be transferred to Institute of strategic researches for more detailed analysis.

In the previous discussions Alexander Chernenko allocated with main "stumbling blocks":

- reduction of powers of parliamentary immunity;

- cancellation of the imperative mandate - that deputies were deputies, instead of "кнопкодавами";

- reform of an electoral system (open lists on regional elections;

- reduction of a depuy corps from 450 people to 300;

- two-chamber parliament;

- introduction of the spiritual anthem "My God Uniform, to Us Ukraine Store" on an equal basis with the state;

- renaming of "settlements" into "towns";

- procedure of holding referenda and their implementation in life;

- definition of the rights of opposition;

- that each Ukrainian can act as the initiator of a legislative initiative, having collected under the draft of only 100 000 signatures.

Further among participants of a table the speech that are important not only and not so much changes in the Constitution, how many increase of level of electoral culture came. Spoke about need to adhere to the made decisions, instead of to change constantly the authorities and the constitution.

But, as the journalist Igor Pokh noticed, above-named "stumbling blocks" concern especially political system and people's deputies, and people the rights of people specified in the offered Constitution and conditions of their realization interest much more. And though in the above project the amount of the rights of people increased with 28 to 50, but also those 28 weren't carried out. Neither right for free medicine, nor right for free preschool and secondary education, for housing and other. And as on - former nobody gives guarantees, and to file a lawsuit against each garden and hospital our people simply won't be able - that discussion of new constitutions - simply pre-election political populism.

And therefore - it is necessary to wait for manifestation of will of the people. But that the truth when this will passes through a prism of views of people's deputies, further it continues to run in line with interests of the last.


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