Мендусь: "Fight for control over vessels is one of fight elements for presidency between Yushchenko and Tymoshenko"

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It was declared by the secretary of political council of Socialist party Yaroslav Mendus, reports press - service SPU.

Mister Mendus considers, "that today there are two centers of influence in Ukraine: The secretariat of the President controlled by Yushchenko and his political force, and the Supreme Court of Ukraine working "under a roof" BYuT which fight among themselves for control on a judicial branch of the power "." It is one of fight elements for presidency between Yushchenko and Tymoshenko", - it considers.

Мендусь also I reminded that Victor Yushchenko "won" elections in 2004 - m by a court decision, and thanks to VSU became the head of state.

"They want to privatize courts as it already tried to make with FGI which the socialist Semenyuk directs - didn't leave. But this fight will proceed as control over vessels is necessary, especially in anticipation of elections. Because there will be falsifications, bribery, jugglings of results - as it we already observed during last, "transparent" campaigns", - considers Mendus.

Also the socialist reported that "SPU in all regions created the free Centers of legal aid where the qualified lawyers are ready to hold gratuitously consultations, to give necessary legal help to the citizens, tired to look for the truths in the corrupted vessels".


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