The Ministry of Defence заявлет about critical condition military aeromechanics

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Today Armed forces are in very difficult situation.

It as reported the UNIAN in Management a press - services of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the acting as the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Valery IVASHCHENKO on enlarged meeting of board of the Ministry of Defence on the subject "About a Condition of the Aircraft Equipment of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ways of Its Restoration and Development" emphasized.

"Positive tendencies of development for which achievement in previous years significant forces were spent are lost. Due to the economic crisis this year the situation considerably worsened and became so critical that it is a question already of essential restriction of opportunities of our army to carry out tasks to destination", - stated V. IVASHCHENKO.

According to the acting as the head of defensive department, the main reason - lack of appropriate financing and at the same time imperfect system of effective management of limited resources.

"Budgetary funds of 2009 allow to provide for Armed forces only "living wage"! Therefore it isn't surprising that the condition of serviceability of the aircraft equipment - a basis of fighting capacity of Armed forces of Ukraine - is estimated as "critical" and has a resistant tendency to the subsequent decrease", - V. IVASHCHENKO emphasized.

As he added, decrease in quantity of efficient planes is only top of an iceberg of the problems which have collected in military aircraft.

"At the same time nobody removes a task of state defense, protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity from us", - marked out the acting the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

Also V. IVASHCHENKO opened main goals of enlarged meeting of board of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. "It, in - the first, carrying out the analysis of a current state of the aircraft equipment of Armed forces of Ukraine, definition of tasks, ways and measures for its restoration. In - the second, specification of tasks in the sphere voyenno - the technical policy aimed at providing requirements of military aircraft. In - the third, elaboration of the actions directed on increase of efficiency of use of opportunities domestic oboronno - an industrial complex and the air enterprises of military department, in particular, on ensuring requirements of aircraft of Armed forces.In - the fourth, the analysis of activity of structural divisions of the Ministry of Defence, the General Staff, command of types of Armed forces, commanders of aviation connections and parts on providing military aircraft and definition of offers on increase of its quality", - was told by him.

On V. IVASHCHENKO'S belief, "to us it is necessary objectively and to consider critically results of activity of structures involved in it and their heads, openly to discuss problem questions and to find solutions which will allow to improve a condition of aircraft of Armed forces of Ukraine".

Also the deputy head of defensive department Bogdan of BUTsA who acquainted participants of board with a current state and prospects of restoration and development of the aircraft equipment of Armed forces of Ukraine made a speech at meeting of board.


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