Even the Nikolaev officials have adopted children, but nevertheless babies to a thicket are handed over, than adopt

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Today in the Nikolaev House of the baby notedDay of adoption. With gifts to children - orphans and the children deprived of parental guardianship were granted vice-the mayorYury Granaturov, head of regional office of JSC OTPbankSergey Kostevand other guests of honor with gifts.

As of September 1 in Nikolaev on the account there are 1 474 children - the orphan and the children deprived of parental guardianship. From them 869 children are brought up in families of trustees, six foster homes where live 15 children are established.

Since the beginning of year concerning adoption in service for children of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies 32 families addressed. 14 families already took children on education. From 40 adopted children 21 kids grow in the Ukrainian family, 19 - in families of foreigners. Though as the chief physician Doma of the babytoldOlga Litvinova, foreigners, according to the legislation, have the right to take the kid only when he was registered year on the accounting of adoption and wasn't taken in the Ukrainian family.

To take the kid for Ukrainians there is the unique main condition, - toldOlga Litvinova, is to have the constant income, work.

AlsoOlga LitvinovaI told that foreigners take children with pathologies or heavy diseases more often. Many families continue to keep in contact with the House of the baby, and send photos of the happy recovered or absolutely healthy children. To which in Nikolaev, and even in Ukraine, hardly would help. After all from the house of the baby where to kids pay the constant due attention, the remains which have grown up to 4 years get to orphanages, shelters and boarding schools.

Yury GranaturovI left to tell the congratulatory word on a children's holiday, but proper words, probably I didn't find. Having played couple of chords on a piano, vice-the mayor asked children - orphans, whether it is good them here. And having received the affirmative answer, I asked to speak to the sponsor Doma of the baby, the bankerTo Sergey Kostev. LaterYury IsayevichI told to journalists:

- The city program to the aid of such children put 1,5 million UAH.But the state can't provide fully those whom has to provide first of all. The Ukrainian legislation on the one hand is frivolous - loyally to adoption questions, and on the other hand - too difficult. Foreigners adopt children with physical defects. Perhaps this and noble cause, but was offensive for me when any colonel of the sixth fleet of the USA with the spouse arrived here to adopt the seventh child. And I have big doubts as there will be a destiny of this child. And for the power offensively. Besides, there are officials, I personally know such people at us which have adopted children, but for ethical reasons I won't call their surname.

- At us in bank year more than a year ago the employee adopted the child from this House of the baby, - sharedSergey Kostev. - To the statistician testifies that the number of arriving children all the same considerably exceeds quantity of the adopted. Ourselves can help only and the example to urge everyone to help who than can.

As it was reported today in Kiev on a press - conferences of the minister of Ukraine for a family, youth and sportsYury Pavlenko, writes "Intermediakonsalting". Crisis in no way didn't influence the state support of the children deprived of parental guardianship, and on the contrary payments grew. Since January 1 of this year the disposable help is entered at adoption at the level of 12 240 UAH which equals the help at the birth of the child.

He also noted that the help with guardianship, to two living wages is doubled, and all payments are carried out today accurately according to the schedule. "Any family which adopted the child this year, didn't make it for the sake of the monetary help", - the minister noted.

Besides, he noted thatthe greatest number of orphans inNikolaev, the Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk areas, practically there are no children - orphans in the Ternopol, Chernovitsky and Lvov areas. Most of all adoptions occurs in such cities, as Kiev and Sevastopol, and also in Donetsk, Lvov and Kherson areas.


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