The spontaneous markets – a deep-rooted nursery of diseases and an easy money, but the worthy enemy of businessmen

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Today the vice-the mayor of NikolaevAlexander Zhenzherukhabrought together members of branch councils to develop the accurate plan of action concerning spontaneous trade. Representatives of militia, medicine, veterinary service, land management, architecture, the head of district administrations of the city were invited to meeting.

Alexander ZhorzhevichI noted that the problem of spontaneous trade appeared on a wave of crisis of 92-93 years when people started trading in the good on the street that though as - that to make ends meet. But today this phenomenon got enormous scales. From - for lack of the legal lever spontaneous trade discredits healthy business. It is simpler to violator to pay an administrative penalty of 51-170 UAH and to receive the withdrawn goods back (as the state can't provide a place of storage withdrawn and the more so, realization), than to pay money for licenses, for sanitary researches, market and trade collecting and other. And to sell already stale goods, having provided all measures of conspiracy.

- Since the beginning of year working off of spontaneous and unauthorized places of trade who in Nikolaev 43, - were told by the first Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Nikolaev deputy the chiefis carried outAlexey Miroshnichenko. - according to AKU Art. 160 1210 people were made responsible, 1300 kg of meat, 1590 kg of fresh fish, and also gammons, dried fish and other goods are withdrawn. According to Art. 221 all decisions about administrative penalties are made by court. Since the beginning of year 33 thousand админпротоколов were made. Also there was no decision concerning confiscation of the withdrawn tool of an offense. That is, as 25-30% of violators are elderly people, our humane court doesn't find them guilty.

Also there is a problem of lack of conditions for savings of the withdrawn goods. And in case of loss of the qualities by it police officers will be compelled to compensate to the violator property damage.And in case of confiscation - the state didn't prepare a retail network which could realize goods at the social prices (and to people it is good) and to receive grants in treasury (budget filling, again to people is good) … Well, it couldn't …

Alexander ZhorzhevichI made the offer to initiate to branch councils to submit two offers for consideration of the City Council:

1)the offer to the Cabinet, Coordination council at the cabinet to toughen and raise sanctions of articles about trade from hands, about trade violations of the rules, about trade in unspecified places.

- Because to them these penalties, thus, that violators - "network sales managers" can have in day thousand profits - as to an elephant a radish bunch, - notedthe vice-the mayor.

2)to depuy corps - to accept the appeal to the Verkhovna Rada to resolve confiscation of property and its utilization or the address to the state income.

Also the question of municipal militia which could control such facts not to form the next service was considered. Honest business owners also recommended to hang up expenses for goods storage on violators (as the violator - the car owner pays for a shtrafploshchadka) and to strengthen control.


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