The former minister Vinsky considers that on money from sale of the Odessa port plant would help to build with Nikolaev the bridge

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Having already lost a position of the Minister of Transport and communication,Iosif Vinskycontinues to speak about construction in Nikolaev of the bypass bridge which has to connect Matveevka and Springs. with reference to the UNIAN transfers words now the chairman of the organizing committee is national - the patriotic association "For Democracy and Justice", the coordinator of NPO NabatIosif Vinsky:

"What for us it is better - to get into a debt hole, to attract credit resources which our people have to give, or it is better to sell that property which we can sell, and thus close our requirements? But I against to eat the received means. It is a question of where to direct this money. I consider that selling managing object, it is necessary to direct resources (from privatization) on infrastructure projects which always remain in Ukraine and which always will be in state ownership. For example, having sold the Odessa port plant, we could complete the bridge in Kiev, the bridge to Zaporozhye and bridge in Nikolaev".


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