At a forum of teachers the second person облрады Vladimir Pashchenko remembered the schoolmates

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To a forum of educators "Equal access to quality education" on October 2 there arrived teachers, directors of schools, employees of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, and also officials: the vice-the governorVladimir Lusta, vice-the head облрадыVladimir Pashchenko, adviser to head облрадыTamil Bugayenkoand chief of regional department of educationValery Melnichenko.

Before a forum the company the vlastyimushchikh expected before ODK, probably, arrival of the mayor, after all among group expecting wasn't just the representative of the City Council. HoweverVladimir ChaikaI didn't arrive. As well as governorAlexey Garkusha- according to his deputy, the head of area in business trip.

On the actionVladimir Pashchenko, congratulating teachers, I remembered the school days. By the way, only of high-ranking acting, whose memoirs were reproduced in Russian.

- After the eighth class many began to go who where - who to technical school who in school, - he told. - And my two schoolmates argued all the time and very much didn't love the mathematics teacher - she constantly forced them something to do. And in a year they came to it with a bouquet of roses and told: "Thanks for insistence, for everything to that you taught us".

Vladimir Lustain the performance I was less pathos - I made an accent on concrete affairs. However, the mayor brags of some of the listed affairs also. And on whom the medal for two kindergartens shines more brightly?

- We awarded hundred best teachers diplomas of the regional state administration, regional council and awards, - he told. - This year restored two preschool institutions, opened two new buildings of Trikhatsky and Domanevsky schools. The new educational case at agrarian university is open. For 98 percent of school of area are completed with modern computer classes. Already process of connection to worldwide network the Internet comes to an end. Our pupil - the bronze prize-winner of the world Olympic Games in chemistry which passed in London. I hope that the resolution of the Cabinet on school buses will be executed already in it to year.But, besides, school buses will be bought and at the expense of means of local budgets.

Vladimir Lusta, according to the Decree of the President, нагр


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