The Nikolaev tease expelled from BYuT, and he rejoices

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People's Deputy of UkraineGennady ZadirkoI considered it as honor an exception it from BYuT fraction that voted for increase of social standards. So he commented on the decision made at morning meeting of BYuT fraction on October 8, on which it and Bладимира Kapliyenkoexpelled from fraction, reports a press - service of the association "For Democracy and Justice" which member isZadirko.

"As the person of left-centrist views, I couldn't but vote for increase of the minimum pensions and salaries. And if this vote became an occasion to my exception of BYuT fraction, I consider as honor to leave lavas of fraction for which questions of social security of people - strangers", - I declaredZadirko.

Byutovtsa the unwillingness to vote for the bill proved thus.

"We don't object that the law on social standards was considered though we won't vote and we consider that until there will be clear and responsible an economic justification at the expense of what raise pensions and salaries are irresponsible things", - told vice-the speaker of parliamentNikolay Tomenko(BYuT) on air of the 5th channel.

And, according to the first the vice-a premiereOleksandr Turchynov, to meet the requirement of opposition about increase of a minimum wage and pension, it is necessary to turn on the press, and it will inevitably provoke a hyperinflation, transfer "The facts and comments".

DeputyGennady Zadirko, reports a press - service of the association "For Democracy and Justice", I emphasized that increase of social standards is the obligation which has been written down in the Ukrainian Break program. "I.e. me excluded for that I consistently render assistance to performance of election pledgesYulia Timoshenko.At the same time, it is enough to open the Ukrainian Break program to be convinced that any this promise mostYulia Vladimirovnait isn't executed", - I noticedGennady Zadirko.


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