In a week all trams and trolleybuses of the country can stop, ate the government won't give money

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All branch of electrotransport of Ukraine rose. Employees of Kharkov "Gorelektrotrans" who don't get paid some months, colleagues from all regions of Ukraine supported. Didn't stand aside and representatives of "Nikolayevelektrotrans".

On October 7 under walls of Cabinet of Ministers about 200 representatives of the Kharkov enterprise and on 2-3 persons from other cities gathered. From Nikolaev to Kiev left the director of the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevelektrotrans"Andrey Kondratyevwith the deputy. Also some people were from Zaporozhye and the Crimea.

Probably, picket would be more mass, but organized it within one day, and during this time to collect all Ukraine under Cabinet of Ministers - is problematic. However, if the government doesn't draw conclusions,in a week - another all trams and trolleybuses of the country will stop, transport workerspromise.

As told usAndrey Kondratyev, after picket of protesters invited to meeting in the Ministry of housing and communal services on which also there were also representatives of all other ministries, and also representatives of labor unions.

- Till 18.30 I was yesterday at this meeting, - speaksAndrey Kondratyev. - We created the working group and signed the letter the Prime minister - to the minister in whom specified the main problems. First of all, we demand uniform receipt of subventions on the preferential contingent. Though I can't call this category of people the preferential contingent, they go absolutely free of charge, instead of on privileges.There are no technique of shortchanging of passengers which go the free. They can though for days on end ride. And to prove, for what sum we rendered services, it is impossible.

Also "Nikolayevelektrotrans" has a problem with debts. After all subventions generally come only in the fourth quarter. For example, in January the state didn't list to the enterprise kopeks. In February - 41 thousand, in March - 140 thousand, in September - 616 thousand hryvnias. For the remained three months of year it is necessary seven million hryvnias which the state has to transfer to the municipal enterprise.

However in Nikolaev the situation where is better, than in Kharkov. After all the city gives financial support to the enterprise. So, in September from the local budget 4,5 million hryvnias were allocated, before one million was allocated in August.

But such unstable financial situation leads to debts on taxes and fees.The pension fund regularly fines "Nikolayevelektrotrans". When the enterprise pays debt, money covers only penalties, instead of collecting.

- This year the program for updating of a rolling stock ceased to work, - speaksAndrey Kondratyev. - If earlier we annually received on three trams and five trolleybuses, this year any city didn't get paid peanuts on these purposes. All means go for preparation of several cities for Euro-2012. All other regions don't receive financing.

The forecast for 2010 isn't better. If in the budget for 2009 it is planned 31 million 587 thousand hryvnias for the electrotransport enterprises, for 2010 - is six million less.

- Thus electric power cost increases, the minimum wage grows, - the director of "Nikolayevelektrotrans" emphasizes.

If the government doesn't take soon measures to situation change, electrotransport in all cities of Ukraine will be stopped. Then, speaksAndrey Kondratyev, under walls of Cabinet of Ministers there are any more 200 people, and 20-30 thousand protesting workers.


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