The theory of lie of the Ukrainian politicians - their gestures and a mimicry are read by experts

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How to understand, what politicians speak sincerely and to that them taught? We understood a mimicry and gestures of VIP with the help физионома Olga Gladneva and the psychologist Svetlana Samsonova.

3 MAIN GESTURES OF THE POLITICIAN.Samsonova: "Characteristic gesture for Yushchenko - to put a palm to heart. It is very powerful and very ancient instrument of influence on subconsciousness: it was once enough that in your oath believed. Therefore even if mind all of us understand and we speak: "I don't trust it", gesture all the same works".

"One more characteristic gesture for the president, nicknamed in the people accounting rolling of sleeves, means that Yushchenko straightens out from time to time himself and anew gets into the role. Besides, it in such a way distracts the interlocutor and wins any time for thoughts. In general Yushchenko has very reliable and strong mask - through it even it is difficult for expert to see that for the person it actually".

"Still Yushchenko likes to prove to be on is a signal to listeners: "I with you, I am your friend, we together will make something". That is not якает, and all the same subconsciously it seems to us that the person is involved in our business and supports it. And people after all should feel support someone influential, they trust it. It was very good course of team of Yushchenko. But its this gesture also ruined: when at people it started something not to turning out, the president began to blame - he after all too allegedly laid a hand to it".

THAT THE MIMICRY WILL TELL."On this photo Victor Andreevich is disappointed and angry, tries to be at loss for words so that to offend nobody, - Olga Gladneva, the specialist of the EVAX-BiS center makes comments fiziony. - It is very characteristic picture - in inconvenient situations of the president difficultly to see the openly indignant. Because, proceeding from physiognomy laws, such person a priori won't seek for leadership, and therefore he speaks, as a rule, as if is with a great effort quite frequent. Congenital softness it also bribes women to whom listens, but arrives on - to the. Victor Andreevich is able to work scrupulously and long, patient, sees shortcomings, the including, has mathematical mentality and possesses logical thinking".

3 MAIN GESTURES OF THE POLITICIAN.Samsonova: "Tymoshenko's habit to do everything by all palm - to gesticulate, welcome, note the sizes on a table - speaks about accuracy and attentiveness. When it develops a hand a palm to the interlocutor or the viewer, as though speaks: "Look, I don't have anything! I took nothing".

"And its manner to sit with put one on another hands is very similar to a pose of the honors pupil: "Both homework I made, and I collected 5 kilograms of waste paper".

"Still it often puts palms one to another is a subconscious operation of begging gesture. It is so lovely that softens condemnation: "Well, the person, and what is guilty? Perhaps droplet... " Even the best expert, perhaps, precisely won't tell, what of gestures its own, and what - trained therefore - and it is difficult to tell that about its inner world much. It is possible to tell only, what purpose it before herself sets, doing this or that gesture. Tymoshenko - the most "trained" our politician, at her is very competent team".

THAT THE MIMICRY WILL TELL."Here Yulia Vladimirovna surely argues on that, in what not really trusts, - Olga Gladneva speaks. - She emphasizes with a hairdress the organizational abilities, and the open forehead signals about readiness to hear criticism. But if to consider that over image of the prime minister image makers work, "readiness" can be insincere. Her face - a call. Probably, it the only politician to whom there are no indifferent. It because character of this woman - paradox (it high cheekbones and a sharp chin give out): when she tries to do good things, the bad result, and vice versa turns out. No wonder that in the ranks of her subordinates there are the people incited against it, and among opponents - sincerely admiring it".

3 MAIN GESTURES OF THE POLITICIAN.Samsonova: "That Victor Fedorovich not always agrees that speaks, the sluggishness in gesticulation testifies: he needs to think before waving a hand correctly. Also such viscosity speaks about fears - probably, at the level of perception of in society. They hold down all body, and it becomes as if wooden. But would be nevertheless worse if it gave "to hands vent" and I did chaotic movements. Especially, he speaks as the authority, so standing on the own two feet and sure, and such person is able to afford to play for time".

"Victor Fedorovich's frequent mistake - to speak about one, and gestures to do others. We will tell, to speak in the affirmative, but gestures to deny - for example, to wave a hand to the left - to the right that is similar on "no". It means that it is torn apart by doubts and and words disperse from thoughts.
"And its characteristic gesture - when big and index fingers are connected together, and them it as though pushes away someone is the softened aggression. Plus such gesture - a tykanye form a finger: it is visible, he understood that it is indecent to stick habitually. It turned out very much even nicely".
THAT THE MIMICRY WILL TELL.That Victor Fedorovich's emotions on public are rather monotonous, according to Olga Gladneva, says that he doesn't play roles, and such people, as a rule, well understand business which will undertake. Decisions at them are made quickly. "On this photo Victor Yanukovych is precisely glad someone to see. Though the smile on his face isn't always natural: when around not everything is good, he can't pretend to be. And if to analyse a photo, say, 10 - summer prescription, it is possible to notice that since then it became less categorical and rigid, - Olga speaks. - The general analysis of the face of Yanukovych testifies that he not always says that actually wants to tell. But as a whole work of experts on its mimicry is minimum".

3 MAIN GESTURES OF THE POLITICIAN.Samsonova: "It was noticed that the left hand at it is less mobile, than right. In - the first, left it is really more difficult to control, than right. And in - the second, left side is responsible for the female, intuitive beginning in the person. Seemingly, Yatsenyuk is ashamed of it and holds down, sticking out in such a way the courage".

"If this person has an opportunity to grab something in a hand, he surely will make it. To it there are two explanations. The first: he in such a way looks for a support - the handle for him something like a straw, and with it to him becomes more comfortable. That is it - кинестет, the person who perceives world around наощупь. And second option: it leaves from conversation, being blocked by a foreign subject. And when it strongly trifles with a subject (though it happens seldom), gives out the tension and nervousness".

"Arseny Petrovich's hands almost constantly in movement, he actively uses gestures are a way to show: "Look, what I hardworking, seconds without work! ".At gesticulation his fingers are opened, and movements by something remind palpation: it confirms the theory about the kinestetichesky beginning in this person".

THAT THE MIMICRY WILL TELL."At Yatsenyuk unusual as for the politician the person, - the physiognomist Olga Gladneva speaks. - On it there is no self-confidence print - features small. But it is observant, sees all shortcomings - about it tell small eyes. It is capable to make grandiose plans, thus considers everything. From - for this decisions takes long and as them embodies. He is able to think out, but hands which will embody his ideas, own energy to him are necessary to him there isn't enough. It is polite on the western cliche, on a question: "How are you doing?" answers: "Well", and it isn't important, as actually".

MAIN GESTURES OF THE POLITICIAN.Samsonova: "Hands of the speaker very seldom stay idle, this certificate of that he is strongly intense. The impression that even if to disconnect a sound, will be all the same clear about what it speaks is sometimes made. On the one hand, it testifies that Vladimir Mikhaylovich very much to a place uses gestures, and with another - they sometimes draw on themselves attention of the interlocutor, and that distracts from words of the politician. But as a whole all gestures and Vladimir Litvin's speech are coordinated at the expense of what the politician makes impression of the complete and self-assured person. Besides, it has for certain good teachers: Vladimir Mikhaylovich not simply learned a set of movements, and understood the principle of work of gesticulation".

"Vladimir Mikhaylovich has a gesture when it, proving something, shakes in air by brushes. But this gesture at it not sharp that as though is told "by me not angry, but with you won't be played".

THAT THE MIMICRY WILL TELL."The analysis of its mimicry says that is the open, emotional person, likes to prove and talk. In a circle of acquaintances likes to joke. People with such features the real power don't possess, but are able to work is hidden, through others. It has unusual ideas, the creative thinking is emphasize cheekbones. Is able to listen and analyze, it is beautifully to present any idea. But it is difficult to it to finish begun", - Olga Gladneva speaks.

MAIN GESTURES OF THE POLITICIAN.Samsonova: "Pyotr Nikolaevich has a habit: to put fingers in the lock and to twirl by them. On the one hand, it is a way to show to the interlocutor that all his words are turned a deaf ear.And with another - use of this movement - a way to feel more surely. If the lock is opened, excessive gesticulation will begin. And as Simonenko strong holds palms, this gesture also can testify to very serious endurance".

"Also Simonenko often places feet on width of shoulders - so he looks for an additional support. And still this pose says that it won't begin to understand, whether it is right actually who is more guilty who is less. It is important to Pyotr Nikolaevich to tell that he gathered".

THAT THE MIMICRY WILL TELL.Simonenko's face speaks about his determination: "It is inclined to finish everything, however a result - not always by what it was conceived, - Olga Gladneva speaks. - In the course of business can acquire new details, and this politician not always mobile reacts to changes. Is able to embellish events, but sees them in real light. On this photo at an exit from the Secretariat of the president at it the anxious person though it is visible that he reflected on something special. And so at this politician always: he can reflect about personal, but affairs for him are primary all the same".

MAIN GESTURES OF THE POLITICIAN.Samsonova: "In discussions Oleg Yaroslavovich is quite often indignant, from - for what shakes finger at audience or the interlocutor, a fist or a palm. This gesture is absolutely not similar to blow. It looks on - children's rather and attracts those who behaves as is violent".

"The impression is sometimes made that Oleh Tyahnybok's hands disturb, instead of help: when he listens to the interlocutor, it simply lowers them on seams. It means that he didn't get used to listen long and prefers to speak itself".

THAT THE MIMICRY WILL TELL."There is some difference between its personal installations and that he states on large audience - on a photo a look at the same time defiant and sure, - Olga Gladneva speaks fiziony. - Therefore - that it quickly makes decisions, quickly them realizes. Things sees really, but positions itself as the optimist. From the general analysis of the person follows that in its team always will be incited against it".


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