The Nikolaev regional authorities understood only today why replaced the head "Oblavtodor"?

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Today, at selector meeting with the governors, devoted to road economy, the Prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko declares inappropriate use by Public service of the highways "Ukravtodor" of 500 million hryvnias in 2007. The special correspondent reports to Crime about it ". Is NOT PRESENT".

According to her, results of check of the Main thing testify to such abuses control - auditing management.

"CREWE only started checking, and for the first some months 2007 we already have violations on 0,5 billion hryvnias", - she told.

In particular, Tymoshenko noted that the prices were unreasonably overstated the works connected with operation of roads. Besides, according to the prime minister, some works for which funds were allocated, weren't carried out at all.

The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko is convinced that for more effective management of road economy oblavtodor have to be transferred from "Ukravtodor's" management to management of the regional state administrations and regional councils.

Yu. Tymoshenko also noted that in changes to the budget of 2008 change of system of financing of development of highways is provided. In particular, it is offered to direct 100% of transport collecting on the maintenance of municipal roads.

She emphasized that more funds need to be allocated for development of roads not on the oseena - the winter period as occurs now, and on the veseena - summer when weather conditions favor to construction and repair of roads.

It should be noted that the Nikolaev area at meeting was represented by the deputy governor Natalia Brakovan as the governor A. Garkusha is in holiday.

Probably now, to the regional authorities it became clear why replaced the head in Service of highways in the Nikolaev area.

We will remind that the acting head of Service of highways in the Nikolaev area was appointed on May 15 O. Protsishin. It replaced on N. Yangez's this post.

Probably this castling happened just because and in work of the Nikolaev oblavtodor violations were revealed.


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