The Nikolaev intellectuals supported Tymoshenko

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The Nikolaev intellectuals the only possible President see the prime minister - the ministerYulia Timoshenko.

On October 11, 2009, at 10.00 in library of the Black Sea state university of Pyotr Mogila, the Forum of the Nikolaev intellectuals initiated by representatives of educational branch, in particular, by the rector of ChGUbeganLeonid Klimenko.

In work of a forum took part about 200-t people - scientists and athletes, teachers and physicians, employees and businessmen, deputies and students, farmers and representatives of rural and settlement communities.

Among them - leaders and representatives of regional elite, respectable persons, well-known not only in the Nikolaev area, but also as a whole in Ukraine and, even, out of its limits -Leonid Klimenko, the rector of ChGU of Pyotr Mogila;Dmitry Korneev, Candidate of Technical Sciences, doctor of philosophy, academician of UAN;Anatoly Malyarov, teledirector and writer;Ilya Starikov, doctor of psychology;Inna Cherkesova, honored worker of arts, associate professor of MF KNUKIM, member of the union of designers of Ukraine;Sergey Korchinsky, master of sports of the USSR, honored trainer of Ukraine, senior boxing coach of the National youth team;Sergey Kantor, chairman of the board of JSC Ekvator Plant and many others.

The purpose of holding a forum - public discussion of a political situation in the country and certification socially - a political position of participants of a forum who decided to support unanimously at future presidential election the candidate for President of Ukraine -Yulia Vladimirovna Tymoshenko. And therefore now they address to the Ukrainian people, to leaders and representatives of domestic political forces of the democratic direction who also expressed desire to take part in presidential races. The Nikolaev intellectuals call them: "Not to spray force of democratic camp, and, having united aroundYulia Timoshenko, together to go to a democracy victory in Ukraine". Such words were heard in the draft of the address of participants of the Forum of the Nikolaev intellectuals to "The people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian politicians of the democratic direction in connection with presidential election".

The announcement of the text of the draft of the address was preceded by performances of participants of meeting. The key opinion of each of them was uniform: "Democratic forces at presidential election have to unite and support the only candidate -Yulia Vladimirovna Tymoshenko".

Leonid Klimenko, the rector of ChGU of Pyotr Mogila, acting during address discussion, I declared: "We need to be defined who from today's candidates can be accepted for the people of Ukraine and has real chances of a victory. It is necessary for us that really national, patriotic and efficient leader won. And this leader -Yulia Vladimirovna Tymoshenko.

This fragile, but very courageous and strong woman is worthy to head our State".

He was supported by the principal of economy and food technologiesAnatoly Oliynik: "To us it isn't indifferent who at us will be a president. And I as the intelligent person, I don't want that future President of Ukraine confused Babel to Bebel, and the Helsinki agreements called Stockholm. And therefore, I made the choice. Also I will work for strengthening of authorityYulia Timoshenkoand its teams at regional level. I know people who enter into its team in the Nikolaev area, I deeply respect their leader -Romana Sabsalueka. These are honest and competent people, and I will support them".

Very touchingly wordswere heardKirill Latiya, the obstetrician - the gynecologist of maternity hospital No. 3 of Nikolaev: "Practically all Ukrainian politicians told a lot of things during the whole years of independence about the concern about the future of our nation. But I can by the right tell: I hold every day this future on hands. Several years ago, when of that time twice the nesudimy prime minister together with the improvised mister Azarov told about how they are concerned that in the country more people die, than is born, and thus stole with a speed of 60 dollars a minute from the same ordinary Ukrainians who were afraid even to think of bringing the child because had no money not only for that to grow up it, but also on educating it. I and my colleagues seriously thought of that, and can to us it is worth changing a profession. After all women refused to give birth. Roddoma there were almost empty... And onlyYulia Vladimirovnainstead of infinite chatter I carried out that any man on its place couldn't make:I started paying real money for each child. And now I hold every day on hands on some newborn babies. I look in the happy face of parents which at last believed that their children have a future, I hear how they speak about Yulia Vladimirovna, about the woman thanks to whom they learned happiness of paternity. And I know: our future begins exactly here, and exactly thanks toYulia Timoshenko. Therefore I even nearby don't see any candidate which could be compared to it remotely at least. I made the choice for a long time".

On completion of performances the organizer of action - the rector of ChGU of Pyotr MogilaLeonid Klimenko, I announced the address which was unanimously supported and signed by participants of the Forum.


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