Relatives of seamen of "Ariana" will gather in Odessa

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Today at 12.00 relatives of seamen will gather in Odessa from the Ariana bulk ship captured by the Somali pirates still on May 2. They are revolted that their native nobody thinks to release, the Segodnya newspaper writes.

In captivity pirates have the crew consisting of 24 Ukrainians, inhabitants Odessa andNikolaevareas.

Mother of the cookLarisa Solynskaya, given rise on "Ariane" of the dead child,Valentina Solynskayasays that any more doesn't know how farther to be. "Sometimes under a window I hear: "Mother, mother". For the night I don't close a door - suddenlyLarisawill return. As - that I sat down on a sofa, I look - it leaves kitchen, got accustomed - there is nobody. But our experiences - half-troubles, the main thing - as they there".

On "Ariane" atValentina Solynskayanot only the daughter, but also the son-in-law - the third assistant to the captainKonstantin Krupsky. "The representative of the shipowner finished us - you are silent, don't disturb negotiations. But how many it is possible to be silent! " - speaksSolynskaya.

Among relatives of seamen I ripened split - one don't trust the shipowner and consider that it is necessary to undertake radical actions. They even threatened with self-burning actions at Cabinet of Ministers. Others continue to wait for release.

"The shipowner is ready to pay repayment in that volume in which demand, that is 3 million dollars and more, but with pirates there is no communication, even the satellite. I have a program which traces vessels, I can trace all ships, and them - No. That is their radar is switched off. Earlier they stood in port, and then pirates expelled them in the sea. Their desalter works only under way, besides between pirates there is a clan war: those who captured them, are afraid that they not перезахватили", - were told by the relative of one of seamen who didn't want to tell the name.

As reported a press - the secretary the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UkraineVasily Kirilich, on September 22 the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine met relatives of the captivated Ukrainian seamenAlexander Gorin. At a meeting there was also a director of the department of consular service.By wordsKirilich, relatives informed on the measures undertaken by foreign policy department of Ukraine for the fastest release of seamen.

By wordsKirilich, nearly 5 months the crew which was in piracy captivity of the vessel "Ariana" is provided with food, drinking water, medicines, and also fuel.

At the request of relatives their meeting with the representative of Service of foreign intelligence of Ukraine was organized on September 23.

At the beginning of September it was reported that life of the Ukrainian crew of "Ariana" is under the threat. Them feed with waste: bring from the continent rotten rice, rusty, dirty water. At all team already problems with a stomach. In May it became known that pirates began to apply tortures in relation to Ukrainians. In August there was information that one of hostages "Ariana" had an abortion, it needs urgent medical care.

"Ariana's" shipowners with the Ukrainian crew onboard resumed negotiations with pirates in September.

At the end of July ombudsmanNina KarpachyovaI accused "Ariana's" Greek shipowner of a tightening of negotiations with pirates about release of the Ukrainian seamen.


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