The People's Deputy Nikolay Kruglov in Nikolaev suggested the people to tell, a bough the singer Natalya Mogilevskaya, or a rat

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Today at regional conference of Party of Regions poured dirt on the Ukrainian bottoms - stars and bragged of progress in advance of the Russian culture in Nikolaev.

Regional conference of Party of Regions brought together in business - the center "Aleksandrovsk" about hundred fifty people.

The head of local regionalsopened conferenceNikolay Kruglov. First of all it complained that forYulia Timoshenkowill agitate many Ukrainian the priest - stars. By wordsN. Kruglova,Natalya Mogilevskayain 2004, motivating with that it "not a bough and not the rat", didn't change the position on supportV. Yanukovych, and in 2009, having communicated withYu. Tymoshenko, I decided to support already her. As - as if, hinting at one of options, the regional declared that "the people will be solved let now a bough by her or a rat". GotlessAnia Lorac. ItKruglovonly I remembered 2005 when it went to the Eurovision not, and "Grindzhola". As a resultN. Kruglov, it is obvious, applying for monasteries of the expert on show - business, loudly I declared: "On that they and the priest - stars to be on sale".

But argued not only on bribabilityAnia LoracorNatalya Mogilevskaya. Also spoke about the Russian culture, Russian and the "brotherly" people. At first the sameN. Kruglovsharply I criticizedYu. Tymoshenko, which declared that Ukrainian will be a uniform state language. According to him, the Prime minister - the minister "doesn't see sociology" and Hugo's opinion - east Ukraine for which inhabitants, allegedly, Russian is native.

The subject was continued by the head of a regional councilT.Demchenko, which told that yesterday in Nikolaev there took place the conference devoted to a subject of advance of the Russian culture and language in our area. According to her, guests from Kiev were pleasantly surprised with results of such activity and noted rare systemacity in this work of Party of Regions. By wordsT.Demchenko, when local councils will find the executive bodies work will go even better.

To the secretary of the Nikolaev City CouncilTo V. Korenyugintoo was than to brag.He told that deputies of the City Council from Party of Regions bought for our schools of the Russian literature on 170 thousand UAH. He told that during pre-election campaign the greatest participation from other parties in propaganda forV. Yanukovychactivists of PSPU will accept. According to him, though it isn't enough "vitrenkovets", but they rather solid and mobile. Also regionals plan to cooperate with KPU and … surprisingly with the city organization of Green Party.

Deputy of a regional councilE.OmelchenkoI began with that called the country leaders fascists, and then, hinting at the President of Ukraine, I called it "our boy". Remembered also the Hero of UkraineR. Shukhevichand funeral actions for victims during Famine-Genocide, hinted at the wifeV. Yushchenko, as on the devoted American, branded "Orangemen", spoke about the "brotherly" Russian people, about a languagecontaminationShevchenkoGallicisms also poured other cliches of Soviet period or times of "pomaranchevy revolution".

Regionals didn't put forward more "fruitful" ideas and, confident in a victoryV. Yanukovych, dispersed. And how him not to trust in it? Delegates put forwardV. Yanukovychin candidates for president, and the head of JSC Zeleny GuyA.LivikI reported that already I ordered to postpone at the enterprise a cognac barrel, for the corresponding celebration. So …

Maxim Lebed


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