The ex-the head of the Central Election Commission S. Kivalov presented the new head of the Nikolaev branch of the Odessa yurakademiya. The candidate was advised by the governor

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Today, on October 13, in Nikolaevsk training center of the Odessa legal academy the People's Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Kivalov presented to teaching structure of this higher education institution of the new head.

As well as it is necessary, for visit of the high-ranking guests prepared very carefully. Since the morning two women cleaned fallen leaves from the territory of educational institution but as weather was very wind, literally in a few minutes asphalted paths again were filled up with falling-down foliage.

For an hour before arrival of the People's Deputy

The first of officials to sign action there arrived the first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Yury Granaturov who, by the way, at the time of holiday of the Nikolaev town governor, remained "for the senior".

Yury Isayevich constantly called someone. Probably he reported on Vladimir Chaika on a situation which developed in the city.

S. Kivalov arrived to representation together with the governor of the Nikolaev area A. Garkusha on the car of the last which delivered long-awaited guests directly to the complex yard.

Students of training center could observe communication of the head of the Odessa legal academy and the Nikolaev officials.

S. Kivalov at once started giving P. Shapirko's advice

Yury Granaturov decided to lighten mood gathered and told some jokes.

While Yury Granaturov amused all jokes, the chief of the Public tax administration of the Nikolaev area Leonid Korchagin dictated "crib" for S. Kivalov with names and positions of those who came to congratulate the new head on appointment to this post.

After that all moved to one of audiences where Sergey Kivalov reported that Pyotr Shapirko is appointed the new head of training center.

Listing guests, S. Kivalov hardly could sort Yury Granaturov's middle name which was dictated by L.Korchagin

"I addressed to the governor - recommend. It recommended me P. Shapirko and I agreed. We asked opinion and the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area, and the chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs, and the head of GNA of the Nikolaev area, after all our higher education institution prepares shots generally for these structures. And all agreed with Pyotr Shapirko's candidate", - S. Kivalov declared.

Pyotr Shapirko

The People's Deputy and merits of the former head noted.

"Victor Terentyev made in 12 years much. That we see today in Nikolaev is his merit. Here magnificent material resources, strong teaching structure and I think his name will be brought in higher education institution history by gold letters", - Sergey Kivalov declared.

At the end of the performance Sergey Kivalov drew bright future of higher education institution.

"At us everything will be good. With compensation the situation will be same as well as in the Odessa higher education institution. Everything will be as and in the Odessa legal academy", - S. Kivalov declared.

At the same time, S. Kivalov urged to save on the hozraskhodakh.

"We the state university and us constantly checks CREWE. We will have no problems. We had delays on a salary, but now I promise you that you will receive a salary earlier than in Odessa", - the people's deputy summed up.

To the people's deputy presented the book on legal psychology which was written by the teacher of higher education institution.


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