Why in the Nikolaev area in any way won't open national parks?

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This year, according to the decision of Cabinet of Ministers, in Nikolayevshchina there have to be two national natural parks on the basis of existing landscape parks - "Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye" and "the Kinburnsky braid".

However formation of national parks is slowed down for the reason that land owners and land users of these lands don't give on that the consent, the chairman of public council at public administration of protection of surrounding environment in the Nikolaev area Oleg Derkach considers.
In 2005 documents for creation of national park "Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye" were prepared. However the number of lands which managed to be coordinated by that moment - only 300 hectares - was small. By 2008 initiators of the project managed to secure with a consent of some land owners and land users, and the area increased to 2600 hectares. Thus, Oleg Derkach, practically concludes all necessary coordination, and also the project of future park are prepared. It isn't excluded that this summer the President will sign the decree about creation of national park "Granitno - steppe Pobuzhye". Especially as its creation is a priority of the ministry of protection surrounding and environment of Ukraine, so, it is possible to count on government support.
Otherwise affairs with Kinburnsky Braid park creation are. According to the plan, it has to be created during 2007-2009. However all for this purpose isn't prepared scientifically - technical documentation. Heads of forest and hunting farms, and also local authorities of the Pokrovsk Village Council yet don't give the consent. After all after park creation their activity in its territory will be limited. From 40 thousand hectares estimated for creation of park, only 2,5 thousand hectares of lands are coordinated for today.
The national park "Kinburnsky braid" after creation can become the Ukraine's first sea national park as the essential part of its territory belongs to the peninsula water area.

Oleg Derkach


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