People's Deputies of Party of Regions set up Yanukovych

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The Party of Regions declared "crusade" on an Ukrainization of high school, and Yanukovych is ready to prove in vessels need of withdrawal from children's communication of a state language.

And it is really unclear, why so all break on Party of Regions for her unscrupulousness and inconsistency?. And absolutely it is impossible to agree with Victor Fedorovich Yanukovych's opponents who the groundless attacks prevent the person from the real working …

It is enough to remember how he in Nikolaev called the people who have arrived from distant villages to look at it and to touch a live legend of oppositional movement.

- I promised and I will continue to promise, - Victor Yanukovych promised to the gathered people. (Forgive the author for the excessive use in the word "promise" text, but exactly thanks to it the former Prime minister - the minister and was remembered to the people).

And after all anybody to anybody even didn't leave a hint that though any of promises will be carried out. Therefore it isn't necessary to accuse him that he doesn't hear the people. He hears it. It is so good that any firm specializing on release of the equipment for hard of hearing could actively be engaged in a perenimaniye of experience.

From here and relaying of problems of citizens by Victor Yanukovych. Here, for example, he heard about problem existence with Russian. So it yes, Russian is, and problems - No. But, on - visible, someone roughly deceived the trustful person. And he, in sacred simplicity, continues to be sure that the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers adopted on September 30 which regulates Ukrainian application at schools with teaching Ukrainian, is illegal and criminal.

No, all - that you don't speak and though sometimes it is necessary to read at least laws and to get acquainted with texts in which you make loud statements.

Business that this Resolution actually simply follows standards of the Constitution and the legislation on a state language. Also it regulates the following situation: "in working hours in the public and municipal educational institution constantly to apply Ukrainian".So, apparently, on Victor Fedorovich as - that incorrectly reported about as if persecutions and infringements in the rights of the Russian-speaking population. Otherwise, why it would began to appeal to court with the requirement to violate the Constitution? !

By the way, in Nikolaev (if this subject wasn't lifted by People's Deputies of Ukraine Nikolay Kruglov and Vadim Kolesnichenko) citizens would continue to be ignorant further, how strongly their rights for the free use of Russian is broken by operating Government. As reported in a municipal government of education, in Nikolaev 12 schools with teaching Russian will continue to function successfully, and all such subject as Russian studies 15 320 school students that makes 40% of all number of pupils. In general teaching at the "Ukrainian" schools in a state language in management perceive as self-evident. And here about retaliatory sanctions, as if entered by the Government, there heard nothing.

- The Cabinet of Ministers regulates language application, but taking into account character of our region nobody is going to influence administratively both pupils, and teachers in a choice of language of communication. And after all nobody is going to overhear. And orders "from above" anybody also didn't think to lower, - so make comments in management respected in the city. And it is rather difficult to suspect them of concealment of any important and secret information. Because also there is a lot of critical remarks. For example, for the "Russian" schools our HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS aren't ready to provide today experts because at "higher school" training is provided only in Ukrainian. But such things as violent imposing of texts of the Russian classics in translated options, there call very softly - discrepancy of reality:

- It is aware of foreign literature we recommend to teachers of literature to teach works of the Russian writers in original language.

Here also it turns out that Victor Yanukovych is deceived by People's Deputies from his fraction. One tell, about other are silent. For example, are silent that Victor Yanukovych's Government several times could make such amendments to the legislation which once and for all would deprive of the soil similar fabrications about aspiration of the power to infringe upon interests of the simple people.

And it also concerns also a notorious lomaniye of copies round a question of social standards. Yanukovych ничтоже сумняшеся claims that in the budget there is a lot of money that would suffice to close all "holes".Representatives of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, in turn, insist on application by "regionals" of the mechanism with the slowed-down action of a nuclear bomb. The People's Deputy of Ukraine Roman Zabzalyuk explained a BYuT fraction position thus:

- Financial opportunities in Ukraine don't exist for today. If the deputies of the party of regions who are loudly calling by opposition, but actually disposing of the budget, are able to call financing sources, let will tell. Not to turn on the press? It will give only new round of inflation. But only also it is necessary for these misters that to Ukrainians in the country was as it is possible worse. Only then they will be able to earn the billions. They so got used.

And Nikolay Kruglov quite lawfully considering as the expert in the field of economy, calls "deposits" of infinite treasures:

- At the expense of what the Prime minister - the minister raises a salary to teachers, doctors and librarians? Means where - that money is.

Isn't that so, competent conclusion of the expert? And here so - in everything. When the people endure crisis, to it "flog" nonexistent problems with language, and on such painful points as pensions and salaries try to make the name of national defenders and fighters for justice. Such is Yanukovych's position and companies. And they only hear themselves. So to be under a delusion especially with aspiration of this "packs of companions" especially and would be not necessary. That then not to be disappointed in itself …

Oleg Krinitsky


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