Party of Regions: Yanukovych's anthem at all isn't plagiarism of a song of Cutugno

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The Party of Regions declared that the melody of the anthem of election campaign of the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych under the name Leader can't be plagiarism of a song of Umberto Tozzi under the name Ti Amo at all.

Earlier journalist of the newspaperNewYury Zushchik in articleThe anthem for Yanukovych wrote off at CutugnoI reported that the song melody the Leader, the author of words and which music the finalist of Factory of stars Evgeny Tolochny, and the performer - Vitaly Galay from the Sugar group is, "a note in a note coincides with Ti Amo Toto Cutugno's song performed by Umberto Tozzi".

"The author of a material with the name more similar to a sentence vessels, shared with readers not the facts and objective information, and own subjective impressions and conclusions which the journalist drew after song listening the Leader", - declared in Party of Regions.

In party don't exclude that the author of article is the professional musicologist, but even in that case, is spoken in the message, its conclusions about similarity of any melodies among themselves have to be based on the dry scientific analysis.

However, the speech in article goes about the pure vkusovshchena that didn't prevent the journalist, according to regionals, in very and very scandalous key to issue the assumptions for the ultimate truth. In this regard the Party of Regions addressed for comments to experts in the field of composition.

Sound - the producer of such groups and performers as Irina Bilyk, Verka Serdyuchka, Vitaly Kozlowski, Taisiya Povaly, Couple Normal, Neangela Vasily Goldakovsky commented on information on accord of a melody of a songLeaderto the songTi amoUmberto Tozzi.

"As a result of the analysis of tracks of Ti amo and the Leader as the fact lack of the general melodic line and harmonious sequence is revealed. Similarity has exclusively associative character as at the beginning of 80-x years of the last century there was the general tendency of creation of a musical material of this kind in the Italian platform. Proceeding from this fact, in this case it is necessary to consider 90% of the Italian music as self-plagiarism. The song the Leader can't be plagiarism of a song of Umberto Tozzi" at all, - Goldakovsky noted.

The similar opinion was expressed by other known musician, the composer, the arranger Evdoky Reshetko who is the independent expert in use of a folk music for commercial purposes.

"In this case questions of harmonious decisions, melodic lines, and also a form of work and its contents, can't be considered as deliberate reproduction (publication), completely or partially, others work under a name of the person which isn't the author of work - plagiarism since are essentially other than the author's compositions published earlier", - he noted.

In particular, according to him, the first steps of a refrain of the specified song have excellent harmony from similar work on sounding of the Italian composer. "The melodic line used in a discussed fragment, isn't processing, transposition or compilation of work of other author though the part it is conformable with part of a melody of a song of the mentioned Italian author", - Reshetko is sure.

The Party of Regions considers what exactly "opinion of experts, instead of flavoring imaginations somebody have to be taken into account, so far as concerns such thin and delicate business as charges someone in assignment of others creative practices".

In Party of Regions also declared that it seems to many people that the melody of the anthem of the USA is the exact copy of the Russian national songHas - Damask steel daring, the saklya yoursis poor, however to anybody and to mind doesn't come on this subjective basis to accuse Americans of plagiarism.


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