Lazarenko disowns from murder of the businessman

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Pavel Lazarenko denies the participation in murder of the Dnepropetrovsk businessman Vyacheslav Braginsky.

About it it is said in his statement distributed in response to charge of Gennady Korban that Lazarenko who tries to return a sobsvennost in the region is involved in Braginsky's death.

"Gennady Korban's statement which it published on October 14, 2009, is awful provocation and pure lies against me. This statement contains inadmissible and rough violations of the law", - Lazarenko through the Ukrainian lawyer declares.

"I, Lazarenko Pavel Ivanovich, and my native have no relation to the tragedy during which Braginsky was lost. I hope that persons really guilty of this crime will find and will punish soon", - he assures.

According to him, "stories and Korban's groundless assumptions concerning causes of death his business - the partner Braginsky pursue one aim - to make pressure upon a consequence, and also to intimidate my native, partners and friends, in order to avoid counteraction of impudent raider activity of Korban and his friends".

"I know that recently group of raiders led by Korban by a fake and falsifications of a big number of important documents, such as, powers of attorney, etc., and also by receiving a number of obviously illegal decisions of the arbitration courts and the Kherson economic court (the judge Gubina I.) and with illegal assistance of the Dnepropetrovsk Bureau of technical inventory, illegally I took property which belonged to the foreign companies", - Lazarenko declares.

"Today, when time for Korban came to be responsible for all the illegal actions, he decided to hide from responsibility behind tragic death of the business - the partner, having transferred responsibility to me", - he emphasizes.

It is known that Lazarenko serves sentence in the USA.

On Wednesday Koban declared that the consequence has to consider the version about Lazarenko's participation in Braginsky's murder.

Also Korban reported that he knew recently that on October 2, 2009, approximately at 19:00 in an office to the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko the brother Lazarenko Ivan, the mother-in-law Lazarenko Tatyana Tsikova and the lawyer Yulia Sibida were invited.

"It is interesting that our prime minister I accorded very heartiest welcome to these citizens, it started giving any commands, having listened to their requests, it started reacting at the request of the long ago lost transatlantic friend or the partner, and this situation really disturbed us", - the businessman told.


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