Vinsky has a recipe from Yanukovych's victory

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The leader it is national - the patriotic association "For Democracy and Justice" Iosif VINSKY calls the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir LITVIN and the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia TYMOSHENKO to refuse balloting by candidates for president.

The corresponding address of I.VINSKIY published today on a press - conferences in the UNIAN.

"If during election campaign the opposition sets a severe condition that people who stand, resigned, - then actually without the management remains both the government, and parliament. And this requirement absolutely legitimate and correct. Because it is clear to all that if candidates for president will stand from the highest state positions, certainly, will use official position and the government", - told I.VINSKIY.

According to him, now confrontation and methods of the power and opposition reached the peak. "Clearly, the position of the President - is important, but I am convinced that for any part of people for whom Ukraine, - not the empty phrase and understanding of safety wins first place, it would be important to estimate a situation more adequately. Therefore I want to warn these two politicians against balloting from a position of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada and the prime minister - the minister, and attempt to involve these institutes of the power as serious arguments during election campaign. It can lead to serious cataclysms. It is necessary to stop it", - he added.

At the same time I.VINSKIY denies that its today's address to V. Litvin and Yu. Tymoshenko can be considered as support of the candidate of the party leader of regions Victor YANUKOVYCH in candidates for president. "My position to YANUKOVYCH is defined and clear long ago. I consider that by no means it is impossible to support its nomination. And my political structure will do everything possible that it didn't occur", - the politician reminded.

According to him, promotion of the single presidential candidate from democratic forces has to become the recipe from V. Yanukovych's possible victory at presidential election. "My political force is ready to support the single candidate from democratic forces without any conditions.But I consider that TYMOSHENKO can't apply that she is demos


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