"Пидрахуй" received from Medvedev an award and at once I fitted the second

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The president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev issued the decree about rewarding нардепа from PR, ex-the head of the Central Election Commission Sergey Kivalov "A friendship award". Kivalov commented on this highest tender potrepyvaniye on a nape the betrayed wagging by a tail.

We suggest to take pleasure in this faithful nonsense, extended a press - Kivalov's service:

"It is very pleasant to me to receive this award just because, from the date of formation of our state, I serve as belief and the truth to Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and its interests. And these interests - the presents, long-term - demand strengthening of friendship of the Ukrainian and Russian people.

I am glad to rewarding mainly as opportunities once again, publicly, to repeat it, addressing to the native people of Ukraine. Because I trust in it. Actually, the state history in many respects reminds human life. The wise man told: true friends of people gets the first twenty years of life, and checks them in trouble. As also state. Exceptions are rare and only confirm the rule.

The observant person who is on friendly terms with conscience, can remember a lot of things. When in 1991 Ukraine gained independence, we were as if the graduate who needed to look for the first workplace, the place in this world, in global market economy. Then, we had plants, factories, agriculture - it is much more, than now. To us was what to sell, but we weren't able to make effectively: costs of energy carriers, gas and oil, occupied a huge share in the price of our goods. Access to the markets, and time was necessary to us to reconstruct production. Then we could be helped very much by the West, having opened with Ukraine free trade. The West especially could help that owing to collapse of the USSR, having swallowed its markets and having selected its influence, became twice richer and stronger. But the West of it didn't make. The West waited for 15 years while the lion's share of the Ukrainian productions was lost - and only then cancelled amendment action "Jackson - the Broom", gave to Ukraine the country status with market economy and opened to us doors in the World Trade Organization; To Ukraine allowed to trade when there was nothing to trade, in fact.And here Russia which as well as Ukraine, with collapse of the USSR became poorer, together with us suffered from common problems - arrived on - brotherly. The same 15 years Russia at repeatedly cut price supplied Ukraine with gas and oil, to the detriment of itself. Thereby I gave us time, chance to reconstruct the economy, to reduce a share of power consumption in prime cost of our goods, having made them competitive abroad. As we used this chance is already our problem.

We will remember who together with us collected, kept and protected and which - where - and I gave us our present territory. Who shared with us knowledge, technologies, arms. Such arguments - weight. And it isn't necessary to remember their everything. Let's remember one only the phrase - the first President of Russia, Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin, light to it memory. When, addressing to civil servants of Russia, he told "Woke up in the morning - think, what you made for Ukraine? " This capacious phrase told all. Tell what head else so told the states about Ukraine? What else people made so much, so many offered to help?

These are the facts. This objective relation to Ukraine and to Ukrainians. Which you won't change, having copied the history textbook. You won't cross out on - boyish impudent diplomatic note. And thank God. Ukraine is 18 years old. Validity, foresight, experience has to succeed a malchishestvo. I am sure, such, new generation of the Ukrainian leaders, already grows up. Generation which will surely make out in brotherly friendship with the Russian people - the future of Ukraine. Worthy future".


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