The Nikolaev deputies want from BYuT that competent authorities checked GP "Delta Pilot". "Regionals" - against

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"Today our fraction suggested to accept the address of deputies of the Nikolaev regional council in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to involve the Nikolaev deputies which will be is carried out by Special commission of inquiry of BP", - so began the comment concerning a situation which arose round GP "Delta Pilot", the head of BYuT fraction in Nikolaevsk regional councilV. Butko.

"The situation round the enterprise of the last some years is very intense. There are questions on use of budget money and other offenses. Therefore we on 32-ю session of regional council left with an initiative that in Special commission of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada on "the Delta the Pilot", to be exact to tell, our local experts were involved to its work also. Unfortunately, on unclear me to the reason, our initiative wasn't supported by deputies from Party of Regions. To me the behavior of our colleagues is unclear. They actually refused to vote for establishing order in economy of the region and didn't express desire to participate in process of improvement of its state. We don't want to be detached onlookers in our area", -V. Butkoemphasized.

According to him, in spite of the fact that the regional is glad didn't put this question to the vote, deputies from BYuT will collect nevertheless signatures and intend to transfer this appeal to the Verkhovna Rada.

"Unfortunately we don't gather the majority that it passed at legislative level, but us are ready to support a number of deputies from other fractions", - the head Byutovtsev in Nikolaevsk regional council explained.

"The policy of the party of regions isn't clear to me. There can be it there was any installation … But after all there are no politicians Nika. We raise a question on use of budget money and on activity which needs studying.It is a question not of the specific person Alexander Golodnitsky. It is a question of the state enterprise which loses finance and authority", - I summed upVictor Butko.

His colleague and member of the same partyYaroslav IndikovI added: "We specially submitted this question for session consideration to connect to work of the commission I SAY LIES the maximum number of deputies of a regional council from different fractions and that temporary commission of inquiry of BP didn't accuse of matter politicization".

One more ByutovetsSergey DergunovI noted that deputies of BYuT support only protection of the rights of employees of the enterprise. According to him, many questions arise concerning a financial condition of the enterprise.

"It isn't clear to us why the enterprise income falls. Financial crisis here at anything, after all calculations for many services are conducted with a binding to dollar, and it grows. Besides channel collecting was increased … We have questions what affected a situation? Can do it really financial crisis or, nevertheless, there are any financial frauds", - notedS. Dergunov.

According to him, deputies from BYuT didn't communicate with the former director of GP "Delta Pilot".

"Mister Bezdolny could prompt to us where "bottlenecks at the enterprise", but we didn't meet it. This question was brought up by trade-union committee of the enterprise and the dismissed workers. We suggest to carry out an inspection with involvement of workers of CREWE, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SBU - to carry out a complex inspection as we did it on plant of 61 Communards, ChSZ … If the director the normal worker what to it there will be claims? ", - the deputy specified.

Absolutely other position at the head of fraction of Party of Regions in Nikolaevsk regional councilSergey Dyatlov. He noted that deputies of fraction of Party of Regions is realized voted on this matter.

"The fraction of Party of Regions refrained during vote on the matter, only from - that it is necessary to watch the law. Under the law, the Special commission of inquiry is created only from among deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. We have no bases to demand or ask that this commission included deputies of regional council.The quite good offer was made by the head of fraction of Communist party. He told that deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from Nikolaev have assistants whom they can involve in the commission. We won't follow the tastes of other fractions and to vote for an illegal decision", - declaredSergey Dyatlov.

As "The Nikolaev messages" managed to learn, under the address which was offered by BYuT fraction in Nikolaevsk regional council, about 30 deputies already subscribed.


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