"People yet don't know, but it will be made", - the deputy of the City Council Alexander Zholobetsky about building of the Nikolaev parks by supermarkets

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Deputy of the City CouncilAlexander Zholobetsky, which heads association "Out of Policy", urges nikolayevets to unite and nominate the representatives in local authorities. In time a press - conference which it gave on October 19, the deputy scarified existing system of the power.

- I think that if there was no this proportional system in local councils, we with you today wouldn't see many objects in Nikolaev, - he told. - For example, the same object at the Central market. Instead of an underground parking which there was planned, we can contemplate today "Foxtrot" or something another. For example, object which we yet don't see, but citizens will see it soon - instead of 505 oaklets, on a place of an oak grove on Kosmonavtov Street and Oktyabrsky Avenue crossing, the next Amstor supermarket will be constructed. People yet don't know, but it will be made.

The association "Out of Policy" urges nikolayevets to elect prior to the beginning of official elections future deputies of the City Council of the following convocation from among citizens who enjoy authority not to vote then for lists already created by someone. ThusAlexander ZholobetskyI told that itself doesn't plan to stand in mayors. And who will move people's deputies to the power, people have to choose. To presidential election movement, coincided with the beginning of election campaign a press - conference, according to the deputy, has no relation.

The head "Out of policy" told that association arose in 2006.

"We, according to the lights, it is simple on - human helped and we help those who needs the help", - it is told in the organization statement. This help, for example, consists in financing of society of people of advanced age, payment of the maintenance of their office, purchase of the washing machine, toldAlexander Zholobetsky.

About hundred people enter association. But to call the most known surnames of people which enter in "Out of policy",Alexander ZholobetskyI refused."These people don't want to be public. I will talk over with them and if they want, they will meet you", - he told.


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