Gennady Moskal explained why Montyan

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine, the chief of GUMVD in ARE the Crimea Gennady Moskal commented on charges in the address in connection with scandal in "Artek".

Press - the service "National self-defense" extended interview to G. Moskalem. We give its fragments:

- Why you sent to three letters of the lawyer Montyan?(this event happened last week in telephone conversation of the Russian to the correspondent of the Segodnya newspaper - Regional committee)

- Because differently society wouldn't hear me: round this history already there was such hysteria and already started saying such nonsense that no clever and truthful word which I would tell, would be at all apprehended by society. In total why - that wanted to hear only that one party speaks, and to other party didn't listen absolutely. Probably, it was told sharply, but in this situation to inform to people that I have other point of view, it was absolutely impossible!

- The lawyer Montyan declared that Tymoshenko sent you to the Crimea to hush up this scandal.

I will advise madam Montyan not to tell nonsenses, and to use logic. By the way, the lawyer has to own logic and it is logical to think because differently he won't carry any case. And so: madam Tymoshenko appointed me the chief of the Crimean militia on August 19, and I got down to work on August 25, and information on participation of deputies to this pedofilsky scandal appeared on October 13-14. Till that time about deputies and the speech didn't go - neither mother, nor children, anybody in general about any deputies absolutely told nothing! And so, logically, if Tymoshenko sent me to rumple this pedofilsky scandal, I needed to be sent the chief to the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Kiev because mother says that these events with the assistance of deputies were in Kiev, but in any way in "Artek"! The investigation is carried by the Head investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and I neither to a consequence, nor to Kiev where there were these events to the People's Deputies seemingly 3 years ago, have no relation.

… And one more:according to the legislation, there is a preliminary, pretrial investigation which is held by law-enforcement bodies, SBU, prosecutor's office or tax police. And there is the main, judicial examination which is held in time of a court session. And madam Montyan in Savik Shuster's transfer started saying that the consequence is held by cellmates of the father of the detainee who mothers of these children called by the mobile telephone and found out details. What it for a consequence? How the person who considers itself as the skilled lawyer, such nonsense to talk to all Ukraine can? Cellmates hold a consequence! People whom suspect of commission of crimes, carry out investigative actions in prison, interrogate the father of these children!

I made deputy request in State department concerning execution of punishments to find out who sits in the camera with the father of these children and of what commission of crimes them suspect. Using logic madam Montyan, let's show to all Ukraine these "investigators" and we will tell: it isn't necessary for us militiamen and their investigation because we already have the third consequence, "on concepts"!


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