In "business of pedophiles" - Berezovsky's interest? DOCUMENTS

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In "business of pedophiles" - a new round. The line of protection had the arguments indicating possible political background of scandal.

The main argument - got by "The left coast", within own investigation, the document. - the letter of the human rights activist Eduard Bagirov addressed to... Boris Berezovsky, dated 27 - m of May of this year.

"On April 23 2009-го years in our organization, within a human rights action" legal aid to journalists and the representative of mass media", the journalist of one of the Ukrainian TV channels, the citizen of Ukraine (so-and-so) addressed. The illegal actions connected with the possible facts of blackmail and extortion from the citizen Degtyarev Artem" formed the basis of the address of the citizen of P., - Bagirov the WOMAN reasons the fact of providing legal aid to the father of injured children.

"At the same time, 27.04.09 citizen Degtyarev Artem called on office phone of our organization for number... and having presented to my assistant Begeyovich Roman as your authorized representative and the personal representative in Ukraine, I transferred open threats to my address. Threats were transferred in connection with providing legal aid to the citizen of Ukraine to the Item. With threats the citizen Degtyarev Artem sent the calls and SMS messages from the mobile phone... ".

Further: "in connection with giving by our organization of statements in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and prosecutor's office of Ukraine, I ask to report, whether really the citizen Degtyarev Artem is your personal representative in Ukraine and the authorized representative".

That responded to this message - which original to it sent mail, and the copy - the fax, Boris Berezovsky and whether answered in general, now it isn't known. But it is known that Degtyarev not the stranger the WOMAN of people. Wishing to be convinced - can ask atYandexand. From the answer of open search engines will follow: Artem Degtyarev - the nebezizvestny Russian journalist, the coordinator of the projects of Boris Berezovsky.

In Ukraine works for a long time, media - the party identified it as editor-in-chief of the News — Ukraine news agency formed after "divorce" with "RIA - news".Management attempt "RIA became the "divorce" reason, according to Degtyarev, - news" to censor the information products (events occurred in 2005 - m). Nowadays Degtyarev directs representation "International fund of civil liberties" - Berezovsky's fund. BYuTU and available data it is enough to arrange a festive disco on the VIP - invitation.

Artem Degtyarev - the present partner in life of injured mother. Considering that both of them have a direct bearing most on mass media, the sphere of public communications, it is logical to party of protection to assume: family dismantling turned into political provocation. The assumption, of course, still should be proved, but it engenders certain doubts - the WOMAN to BYuT энд To it is known of "love". The materialization of the new character - Artem Degtyarev, generates the mass of new questions. Including:

- whether really it consists with mother of the injured children in close relations a long time (recognition of this fact or mother, or Degtyarev can become confirmation)?

- whether these relations before its divorce with the father - began the tyrant or after? If to - whether there were they the divorce reason?

- on what basis Degtyarev gave threats to Bagirov and why "was covered" with Berezovsky's name?

- whether mother of children asked it to interfere with business if isn't present - whether knew about this intervention?

- whether Degtyarev, also - mother of children (in independence of, whether she knew about intervention before its commission or learned upon) understood, what similar actions will complicate truth and justice establishment on business, in view of its politicization?

- whether Berezovsky knew about "participation" in process, whether authorized Degtyarev's intervention and whether had in this intervention a certain mercantile political interest?

- if had why the history was splashed out to the public sphere just now? At the end of spring - the beginning of summer - in the middle of negotiations on creation ПРиБЮТ, threatening elections as those, it would provoke scandal not smaller.

- whether Berezovsky's interest is interconnected - if that is available, with emergence in surnames of deputies - Byutovtsev?

- whether present development of business controls WOMEN, whether it directs it? If yes - with what specifically purpose (dislike personally to Tymoshenko - too abstract motive).

Answers to the questions formulated before, aren't received and hardly will be received soon. It is logical to assume: these questions, every day, will begin to collect more and more. That doesn't cancel the fact established by several, independent from each other, groups of experts: for three years two juvenile children repeatedly were exposed to acts of terrible violence. Also doesn't cancel need to identify the personality of all tyrants (irrespective of their rank, the social status) and severely to punish them.


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