The leader of Nikolaev "regionals" N. Kruglov suspects that Byutovets R. Zabzalyuk wants to put the director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" of a certain Ivanov

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Today, one of the most discussed subjects in the city of Nikolaev is the situation which arose round GP "Delta Pilot".

We will remind that we Will remind, on October 7 deputies Roman Zabzalyuk, Alexander Dubovoy (Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc fraction) and Vladimir Vecherko (fraction of Party of Regions) registered in parliament the draft of the resolution on creation of the commission on investigation of actions of officials "The delta - the pilot" at construction by the enterprise GSH "Danube — the Black Sea".

The People's Deputy of Ukraine Nikolay Kruglov expressed the opinion in this occasion and the head of the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions.

"As nikolayevets, we have to understand constantly that is favorable that isn't favorable to us. And whether all is favorable to sea branch that is favorable to nikolayevets. And if someone wants that deputies of the Supreme Council dealt with any issue, this question has to have the status of the nation-wide. Therefore there is a question why deputies of the Verkhovna Rada have to deal with this issue, instead of deputies of the Nikolaev regional council, for example, as it is a problem of our region. Why CREWE doesn't deal with this issue why the militia isn't engaged in it why the prosecutor's office isn't engaged? ", - I declared to the edition Zadira.Info N. Kruglov.

In his opinion, today BYuT fraction too politizes those questions which at all shouldn't be politized today.

"There is no policy. Me most of all strikes that BYuT and Roman Zabzalyuk, in particular, make the offer "let's begin check". And what, today there are any real materials? If it applies for a position of the legislator, and he is the legislator and if it has real facts about violations, he has to know that if there are such facts, it is necessary to transfer them to law enforcement agencies", - the leader of the Nikolaev regionals is sure.

He considers that today there is a great public interest to NAK "Neftegaz of Ukraine" and ask a question - why the deputy Zabzalyuk doesn't raise a question of creation of the commission which would be engaged in studying of a financial and economic condition of this company.

"That it is more important now to us:"Petrogas of Ukraine" or "The delta - the pilot"? In a question of creation of the commission it is obviously felt that there is someone's interest, financial interest. There is a desire of the previous head "The delta - the pilot" Bezdolnogo to return on a former place, there is a desire at Zabzalyuk to put on a certain Ivanov's this place. It worked as the head of the Kherson port. This simply frank lobbying. And as the question sounds - let's remove Golodnitsky, it bad, he isn't a professional, let's not appoint Bezdolny, he simply bad, to tell that he isn't a professional - it is impossible. Also let's put our person. It was impossible to interrupt Zadyrko and Vinsky earlier, now Vinsky moved away, so let's return again to this subject - we will put the person. The problem not in the enterprise, knows nobody enterprise problems. I tell it with absolute confidence. At "The delta - the pilot" is a constant source of obtaining the income, and in currency. Wishing to saddle these streams presently - more than it is enough. Especially as this state enterprise - at us is time the enterprise state, it means loose housing. Everyone wishes having come to the power, at once to saddle it, to put there the person because in this enterprise big financial turns", - were declared by Kruglov.


According to him, the person ignorant can offer reforming of this enterprise only to sea branch, nothing understanding in sea transport.

"It would be absolutely illogical from the point of view of financial streams. Sectors of this enterprise effectively work. And we now speak: give this enterprise we will divide, we will shatter. At once there will be some heads, it is necessary to increase the regular number of employees that there was the corresponding coordinated work, the different territory is necessary and much still that it is necessary. Therefore my opinion is the enterprise you shouldn't touch. And all this question with creation of temporary commission of inquiry is a pure zakazukh, and illiterate", - Nikolay Kruglov summed up.


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