Lutsenko: I swear that I will do everything that guilty of rape punished

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Indications of the raped children as a result of dough on a polygraph aren't the proof in this case.

It from a parliament tribune during the report on the case of corruption of children was declared by the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko.

"The polygraph has a big legend, but indications of a polygraph aren't things which lead to charge. These are advisory, consultative materials which are taken into account by a consequence during the investigation", - he told.

Lutsenko also noted that on the lie detector injured children carried out the test "without militia".

"We took it as a consultative advisory material. I am not sure that the consequence will make the decision on polygraph passing, but also I don't exclude it", - he told.

Lutsenko answered a question why the Ministry of Internal Affairs doesn't want to give this business on investigation of the State Office of Public Prosecutor:

"Not we solve who runs business. The State Office of Public Prosecutor solves. Now we run business on the competence because the relevant article about corruption of minors in which charges only against the father of children are brought, is militia competence".

"In case of confirmation of indications of children by other proofs in case People's Deputies, obviously appear such tyrants, the State Office of Public Prosecutor will make the correct decision", - he added.

"As the father of children, I before God swear that I will do everything that the wine answered according to all requirements of the Ukrainian legislation", - Lutsenko declared.


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