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Arrival to Nikolaev any official from Kiev - is similar to an intolerable toothache for officials of the regional state administration and personally its chairman Alexey Garkusha. In - the first, the guest it is necessary to welcome, dance round him circles attendance, to say lies about nonexistent achievements, to feed at good restaurants etc. In - the second, the mass of efforts is delivered by any "complainants", aiming to break with "petitions" to "distinguished guest" and at one stroke to destroy with such work stuck together "favorable impression". But especially ubiquitous journalists annoy backward officials. These get out in the most improper places with the video cameras, cameras, dictophones and other equipment, remove everything that gets to their mean lenses - and then drag on pages of the newspapers, sites, in TV programs etc. And what questions they sometimes ask "high persons", what questions! Yes of any official for such questions of a chair would deprive and an experience of civil service would cancel! The guest reddens, doesn't know what to answer, local the six grabs at first heart, then - validol, then - phones: to call editors, "that it didn't get at all to air (on pages)" and t. e....

Arrival to Nikolaev First Deputy head of the Secretariat of President of Ukraine Alexander SHLAPAK took place according to such scenario. To one mass media reported about planned actions, another - No. Our site got just to the second category who "weren't told". However, we not proud, (with presence of representatives of mass media) came to Shlapak's meeting with businessmen. And already in a lobby of the fourth floor met Yura Tikhy. The ordinary-looking, gray personality with eternally frightened look under the thick points, carrying out functions of the head a press - services at Garkushe. In itself this Silent doesn't deserve also couple of lines - so, a baby's dummy, "six" at "owner". What about it to write? But his "barin" allocated with the right "пущать or not пущать" journalists "on Garkusha" or "on visits", and, it is necessary to recognize, Yura doesn't neglect this right.

Breast having followed ways of several journalists to the Small Hall YEAH, Yurchik diligently executed the repeated slyshanny aria "there is a lot of you, and it isn't enough places", "it was necessary in advance...", and even I screwed a new subject under the name "fire safety" - say, firemen will punish for press photographers "standing" and "running" on a hall! Strictly - strictly!

Having heard a question of notorious "lists" in which are listed "pleasing" and "not pleasing" mass media, a press - Yura in the person was changed - and strongly changed. Why - that having turned away aside, Silent reported that no such lists in ours through are present democratic administration - and can't be. All are equal - but let not all.

But not for nothing speak - God marks the rascal. Didn't pass also ten minutes as to correspondents "News - N" and Nash Gorod newspapers was succeeded not only to see these lists, but even to photograph them! Already gone outside journalists were come to mind by thought to return back, to wait in Alexander Shlapak's corridor and to learn that he thinks concerning the orders established by Nikolaev YEAH in communication with mass media.

But not here - that was - now journalists didn't let even to the regional administration building. Only instead of hidden behind someone's backs Silent the function "drag and not пущать" was carried out by the duty militiaman at an entrance. We will provide the short story of one of participants of events further:

"We come back, at that door which left five minutes ago.

- You who? Where? To whom? - the person on duty stood in way.

- Yes we just passed? ! - we are surprised. - We are journalists. On a press - Alexander Shlapak's conference...

- And you are in lists? - ingenuously the ensign not knowing all nuances of Yuriny quirks "made a mistake".

Here it! Than, will carry?

- Is, certainly is, - we assure.

And nothing the suspecting ensign gets this list of "pleasing" mass media and drives on it a finger! Shchelk - it is ready! There is a photo of so hidden list!

The ensign, certainly, lifts shout, understanding that there was something like that that shouldn't have occurred in any way. But - late. Now the main thing - to retire quicker while the militiaman didn't cause help - still the camera will take away. From them it is become! ".

Journalists managed to leave the building which have become suddenly a battlefield of the regional state administration in time. Yura Tikhy with feeling of "the fulfilled duty" sat down to listen to Shlapak. Why the high-ranking official came, for the majority of nikolayevets remains secret behind seven seals. Unless someone will spit out the evil: "Yes the next bureaucrat rolls national money! ".Perhaps certainly, it with something efficient came - only who about it learns?

And the owner for certain will pat Yura on withers. I served!

Yura Tikhy on a fighting post

"Any lists"elite"journalists aren't present", -claims Silent

That"nonexistent"mass media list


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