Angels from Inna Myalo's pictures promised to lodge in the Nikolaev City Council

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Today at the Black Sea university of a name P. Graves of guests were met by angels. From the picturesexecuted in gold paintsInna Myalothey looked at everyone who was included into university showroom. The angel, closing wings the young man, an angel to whom small children stretched the hands, the angels protecting the pregnant woman … By the way, the last image the artist drew with … herself.

- Yes, I proved to be. And what in it such? - speaks Andon Rumpled. - I showed because I am not afraid to be the pregnant woman because I have two children, I am not afraid to take a detached view of myself - me it not terribly. It is probably more terrible to me to stop and not to do. I run further. I have a work which is called "Don't stop, go forward". I go all the time forward. I don't give the chance to myself to brake, I comprehend everything under way.

Except the most talented picturesInna Myaloit is known also that directs drawing studio for children at the house of the artist. Many parents specially bring there children who have some problems. Thanks to drawing children open, become more sociable, get rid of many complexes. Often drawing positively affects and on their physical health.

Inna Myaloemphasizes that the "Conversation with the Guardian Angel" series it is far from church doctrines.

- I didn't want that thought that it is any spiritual project connected with church. Business here not in it, - is told by her. - It is my personal civic stand. Each person wants to feel protected. To whom to us to address for protection? Yes, to God and, to the husband, to relatives. But there is still a Guardian angel - what it seems as isn't visible, but he is. With which we speak in ourselves. There was a wish to talk even about that, potential in the person when there is the second breath from where undertakes - not everyone reaches and the first breath. In the same way and in creativity.When it here punches powerfully when, probably, you work much when you think when you dare to think … After all not everything, working, think. You think on this subject. Pay attention, how many we do only automatically. Very many seek to develop in itself a habit of this automatism - to take that work which they automatically perform. The head has a rest. Than we load our head? We come home - the TV. How our soul grows? How we can bring up it how we can achieve depth here these sincere feelings? Think, not the TV.

Among numerous guests at an exhibition there was also the Nikolaev poetVyacheslav Kachurin, and professor from TernopolYury Finkler, and many others. The mayorbecame the main guest of honorVladimir Chaika, which on Monday left holiday. The mayor promised to buy one of picturesInna Myalofor the City Council. Which picture will be chosen by Vladimir Chaika, he didn't tell - will choose that which remains not sold after an exhibition in the center of training of astronauts.


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