The lawyer of victims from pedophilia declares that нардеп Bogdan offered him money

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The lawyer of the foster mother of victims of depravity of children in the International children's center "Artek" Andrey Tsygankov declares the offer to it money in exchange on providing video records which would confirm refusal it the client from certificates on participation in this business of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from fraction of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc of Ruslan Bogdan.

He declared it on a press - conferences.

Tsygankov noted that such proposal was made him during one of meetings with deputies from BYuT Sergey Vlasenko, Bogdan and the lawyer Valery Konovalov to which it came according to the proposal of the last.

During this meeting from deputies from BYuT to it the offer to take money in exchange for refusal of his client of certificates against Bogdan arrived, thus the sum didn't make a reservation.

"The condition was the following: that only concerning concrete нардепа it was necessary to provide any video carrier with performance of the victim (mother of children), - as though we called it rigidly, - probably, to sell own conscience in the presence of own children. And she has to tell that I am part of the political strategies, created it isn't known whom, me taught it it isn't known who, but on today's I realized under certain circumstances that I am not absolutely right concerning the specific person involved, namely Ruslan Bogdan", - he told.

Thus the lawyer assumed that deputies from BYuT could come to a meeting with means of audio - and video fixings that further it was possible to use these records against it.

Tsygankov assumes that in connection with the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko for extortion by the lawyer at one of deputies from bribe BYuT in the sum of 2 million dollars soon him can arrest.

As it was reported, on October 20 Lutsenko declared that the militia recorded the extortion fact at one of deputies from BYuT lawyers of the foster mother of victims of depravity of children in "Artek" of 2 million dollars.


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