Russia: Yushchenko interferes with work of the BSF of the Russian Federation

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The president Victor Yushchenko the decrees interferes with work of the Russian Black Sea fleet.

It in interview to the newspaper of News was declared by the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin.

"The fleet should live and carry out normally tasks facing it that assumes first of all high maneuverability of divisions", - he told.

"It is interfered by decrees of the president of Ukraine, directed on toughening of a mode of crossing of frontier of this country by the military ships BSF of Russia, and also movements of the Russian military formations in the Ukrainian territory out of places of their constant dislocation", - Karasin emphasized.

It reminded that Yushchenko's these decrees signed after events in the Caucasus in August of last year.

"It is compelled to note again that these regulations are adopted in defiance of basic agreements on fleet", - Karasin declared.

According to him, these decrees provide coordination with the Ukrainian government bodies of movement "even the certain military personnel".

"We categorically against such attempts of unilateral regulation of difficult questions. It is our principled stand. At the same time we are ready to listen to the Ukrainian concerns on any questions of fleet if the such are available, and are open for search of the mutually acceptable decision", - he declared.

"Numerous claims to fleet concerning violations of the order randomly established by Ukrainians don't go on advantage of business. Eventually, similar scrupulously fixed so-called violations have to be turned to the most Ukrainian party", - he considers.

According to Karasin, basic agreements don't grant to Ukraine the right at discretion to regulate activity of the Russian fleet.

He emphasized that there is an obligation of Ukraine not to interfere with internal life of our military units.

Also he stated concern about that Ukraine demands from the Russian military personnel of the reference on registration in migratory service as the basis of legitimate stay in the territory of Ukraine.

"What for? After all our seamen are in the Crimea on the basis российско - the Ukrainian basic agreements", - he told.


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