Ukraine and Russia won't revise the agreement on the BSF

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Moscow and Kiev don't intend to revise basic agreements on stay in Sevastopol of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation. I reported about it on a press - conferences the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko.

"We paid special attention to questions of temporary stay of the Black Sea fleet in the territory of Ukraine. And I can confirm only that the agreement that arising issues will be resolved by direct and effective dialogue" is reached, - the Ukrainian minister declared. P. Poroshenko emphasized that the countries shouldn't become hostages of legal discussion on this problem. "From both parties real steps will be shown to provide lack of any occasions for use of a factor of the Black Sea fleet in discussions between Russia and Ukraine", - the Foreign Minister of Ukraine summarized.

In turn the head of the Russian foreign policy department Sergey Lavrov confirmed that Moscow doesn't raise a question of revision of agreements on the Black Sea fleet, and it is a question only of private procedures.

Between Russia and Ukraine there are agreements about navigatsionno - hydrographic objects (NGO, beacons), however the question of accessory of these beacons to this or that party isn't coordinated still. For the solution of the matter the group of independent experts of two countries which conducts negotiations on this subject is created.

We will remind that Russia rents the most part of mooring walls of the port of Sevastopol for parking more than 30 fighting ships and vessels. In Sevastopol the BSF staff, the central communication center, voyenno - sea hospital, 1096-й an antiaircraft rocket regiment, 810-й a separate regiment of marines, 17-й an arsenal, yachts - club also is based. 20 planes of SU are based on airfields of Kacha and Guards - 24M and SU - 24MP, An-26, and also to 10 helicopters of KA-27. Total number of the BSF in the Crimea - about 14 thousand people

In March, 2005 the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov declared that Sevastopol remains main voyenno - sea base of the Black Sea fleet of Russia at least till 2017. Despite construction voyenno - sea base in Novorossiysk to translate there a staff of the BSF and ship structure it isn't planned.

In 1997.Russia and Ukraine signed the basic contract in which a lease term of base of the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol was stipulated. Rent term - till May 28 till 2017. Rent voyenno - sea base in Sevastopol costs Russia 98 million dollars a year and is paid by supply of gas to Ukraine.


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